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I Want My E-TV

Author: the Inkslinger

This is “Green is Universal” week on NBC. What that means is that almost all of the network's television programs will have some kind of green mention or subject or plot twist, etc.. Daytime, prime time, late night, you name it, NBC has declared that almost all of its programming will feature an environmental theme or connection or info. So we’re going to get the Goracle on 30 Rock and Leno is his garage being eco and Claire cooking up energy saving tips for her high school’s heroic green week, and so on.

It’s a good idea, I think, and an interesting and potentially effective way to get urgently needed environmental ideals and ideas out into the heartland. It’s one thing to preach to converted, which is largely what happen on the Inspired Protagonist and in other green venues, but it’s another entirely to take concepts like the climate crisis and industrial toxins to middle America, where most of the skeptics reside. By putting environmental issues everywhere it goes for an entire week, NBC is helping make sure they can’t be ignored, and such saturation-level attention to green issues may just go along away toward penetrating the minds of those to whom ignorance has been bliss. People won’t be able to avoid this, and even if all they take away from it is that there is a generic environmental problem that’s real and real serious, we’ll make some critical progress where it’s needed most: among the huge swath of average Americans that don’t believe or know there’s a situation that we all have to address right now

I’m not huge TV fan, though it has it’s moments (See Pushing Daisies and Battlestar Galactica for just two examples what TV can achieve when it tries), but I do have to commend Universal/NBC for this effort. It had to have taken a lot to coordinate this kind of messaging across dozens of shows and there’s really no direct income in it for the network. Nice to see Hollywood is as concerned as we are and putting its money where it’s many mouths are.