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I Spy Seventh Generation, Vol. 1 #3

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Author: MeghanB

Magnifying GlassFrom your feedback I know many of you have spied Seventh Generation all over: in the movies, on game shows, in your local newspaper, and on your favorite blogs, not to mention on the shelves of many of your favorite retailers, in your own home, and our diapers on your baby's bum.

Most recently, our new line of household disinfectant products that kill over 99.99% of household germs* naturally are capturing the spotlight.

The Chicago Tribune wrote about simple ways to green clean. Noting that our disinfectants "smell heavenly," they also loved the Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner and said it was "so effective we had to read the label twice to make sure there weren't any harsh chemicals inside."

The San Francisco Chronicle also explored ways to clean green and repel germs, citing Seventh Generation disinfectants as a good alternative if you'd rather not make your own cleaners.

Forbes composed a slide show of the best green cleaners and featured Seventh Generation disinfectants as major step forward.

Not only effective, Seventh Generation's disinfectants are cool enough for ABC's Desperate Housewives, as cited by the Washington Post.

Shape Magazine, Southern Living, and others featured Seventh Generation disinfectants in the April issues.

So keep your eyes peeled for Seventh Generation and let us know where you read or see us! I'm sure we could give Waldo a run for his money...