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I Spy Seventh Generation, Vol. 1 #2

Author: MeghanB

Magnifying GlassLast week, Seventh Generation landed on the pages or sites of some of your favorite reading material. We also hit small and big screens near you!

FAST COMPANY: Seventh Generation is honored among the Top 10 Innovative Consumer Products companies by Fast Company among, Dyson, Nike, and Timberland

WHAM-ROCHESTER: Tara Paterson recommends Seventh Generation products as non-toxic options for parents

GREENZER: Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford discusses the green life

PORTFOLIO: Seventh Generation's CEO Chuck Maniscalco and Co-Founder Jeffrey Hollender discuss the story behind Protecting Planet Home

PORTFOLIO: 7 Facts About Seventh Generation

NEW YORK TIMES: New green cleaning products position to change industry

NATURAL HOME MAGAZINE: Covers Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Disinfecting Cleaner

BRIDAL GUIDE MAGAZINE: Brides go green with Seventh Generation

GET GREEN BE WELL: Review of new Seventh Generation disinfectants

LADY BUGS & TONKA TRUCKS: Review of various Seventh Generation's cleaners

BEST PRODUCTS FOR PARENTS: Review and recommendation of Seventh Generation products to parents

Seventh Generation was spied as a set fixture on the following TV shows and confirmed in upcoming films: Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, The Real World: Washington D.C., The Office, and Uncross the Stars.

Have you written about Seventh Generation and would like to be featured in I Spy? Or would you like to write about Seventh Generation? Give a shout!


photo: HeideHo


StephanieB626 picture
I saw Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid by the sink in Gemmas house on Sons of Anarchy.I also saw Seventh Generation stuff on New Girl
Bwannadawn picture
I've only seen a few commercials. My sister and her husband are very much into Melaleuca which can be expensive so I call this "melaleuca for the poor people". Unfortunately, in Michigan (more specifically the Metro Detroit area)I've only been able to find it in ONE Target store and even that only had the laundry detergent-which I LOVE- and the dishwashing liquid- which I ALSO LOVE!!! If anyone knows of other places I can find more products (like baby wipes which I used on a daily basis) and disinfecting wipes, please let me know!!! thanks much!
Ivory picture
...in the movie "Knocked Up" when she was putting away some things in the baby's room (toward the end of the movie, maybe). I don't watch a whole lot of movies, and this is the only one sticking out in my mind. Did anyone else see this? ...in my house everyday! We use the baby wipes, dish liquids (automatic & regular), cleaners, papertowels & toilet paper, and feminine hygeine products. I actually use the Floral Lavendar Mint dish liquid as handsoap in my bathroom! Smells great and does the job :)
candacew04@gmail.com picture
I saw 7 Gen dishwashing liquid by Jocelyn's sink in the movie "The Jane Austen Book Club" and that is what got me interested in checking out your website.
ravenwrites74 picture
I was excited to find Seventh Gen cleaning products in our commissary (military grocery store) when we moved overseas. Now if only I could get them to carry your full product line. ;-) We loved using the Seventh Gen baby care products when we lived in WA and CA, but can't find them here on Okinawa right now. *sigh*
shadowcatrules picture
I've seen Seventh Generation a lot lately on different blogs and mine, The Alaskan Bargain Hunter (address with-held voluntarily, because I'm not doing this for shameless self-promotion *laugh*) is no different. I got to try your new cleaners for free through Recyclebank and I have to say that I really LIKE the all-purpose cleaner! It took home made popsicle off of my counter without any fuss and cleaned up some toys that my kids had gotten pretty gunky without tons of scrubbing. I'd say it's a winner in my book! By the way, thank you for all the coupons attached to your products lately. Combined with a sale at my local store, it helps the coupons that I print off go further since I have extras that way =). I'm not going to have to buy dish soap for quite a while thanks to all the great sales and coupons!
naturegirl35 picture
I saw Seventh Generation on the TV show set of Two and A Half Men. There was a bottle of dishwashing liquid on the shelf by their sink. I have also started to see alot more commercials for Seventh Generation.
MissMandy picture
I believe that I saw 7th Generation products in the laundry scene for Dan in Real Life & in the latest flick, Valentine's Day. But I'm almost positive that Dan in Real Life had it because everyone was so focused on their laundry in that scene!