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A Humbling Experience

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Cross-posted on Tampontification.com on 10.20.06:

To have a vision is a true gift, a blessing. To have the perseverance to follow through with it, even half the time, is a miracle. We met some people today, who because of their sincere modesty would never own that they are miracle workers, but let’s fess up - - - they really are.

Walking through the homey office space just upstairs from the local library, we met the over 100 faces and hearts behind the scenes of the Fremont Public Association.

Our mission was simple. To provide local women with feminine care products that they desperately need and to glimpse the ceaseless motivation that drives people like Development Director Paul Haas.

With a lifetime of work spent dedicated to helping people, he met us with sheer appreciation, compliments on our web site and thought provoking conversation that will endure far longer than the tampons we provided.

He told us that the agency started by providing just emergency relief, two nights in a motel. Now 30 years later, it provides 32 programs and housing where people can truly get their feet on the ground, up to six months of assistance. He also explained that they traffic over 10 million pounds of food a year to hungry citizens.

And then he had the graciousness and sincerity to say,

“There is something about Seventh Generation that is really progressive, from the issues you address to the products you make.”

Well thanks Paul; the feeling is mutual and we are honored to have seen a glimpse.

Not to mention, amongst an ocean that could jar good intentions with infinite red sea (read red tape), you still set your sails and hope for a breeze to come.

Mission Fairies Jen and Stacie