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hum on


help me guys - I live or is it work or is it play in this 7th Gen world of multi-leveling-happenings that both
hum in the present and mold in the future, and I want the hum to leak out into the world so others can grab
a moment and carry it out into their moments until we all reach that one moment where we are...

...not sure, haven't been there yet...

...and so I think let's make the hum buzz strong on this blog, And, the 7th Geners within the hum
are still a bit blog-shy, probably still listening to their 6th grade English teacher flogging them for thinking outside of
the lines, those blasted lines where unresolved multi-creating-bliss-eternity falls prey to convention and the correct...ohh the
price we pay to be correct, to be same, to be only enough so as to never not be...

...and so, I whisper to you all both in the hum and those about to be in the hum, write, let the inspire of every moment breathe, and fear not the wrath of convention...long live the hummmmmmmmmmmm......

and on.