How Packaging Pete Turns Milk Containers into Bottles for Seventh Generation Dish Liquid | Seventh Generation
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How Packaging Pete Turns Milk Containers into Bottles for Seventh Generation Dish Liquid

Author: Packaging Pete

Packaging Pete here.

Did you ever wonder what happens to plastic milk and water jugs when you put them into the recycling bin?

Some of them find their way to Seventh Generation, where we turn them into containers for our dish liquid, fabric softener, non-chlorine bleach and soon, full-sized laundry bottles.

It's a pretty neat process. Click here to watch a video I made about it.


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Packaging Pete
There is no way to give you the video -- but you can watch it online.
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Packaging Pete
Our dish liquid is not the only Seventh Generation 90% PCR bottle. Our fabric softener bottle is 90% PCR and on the east coast our non-chlorine bleach bottle is 90% PCR . Our east coast laundry detergent bottle plant that makes the 50, 100 and 150 oz bottles has just converted to 80% PCR. It could take a few months before they reach the store shelves. We are working on making the west coast bottles to also be made with high PCR content. Our objective is to get all our bottles to be made with at least 80% PCR. We do not market any product that uses a PETE (#1) bottle but I do know that these bottles are readily recycled. These recycled bottles are commonly made into items such as carpeting and fleece clothing. Welcome to the family of Seventh Generation users!
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Packaging Pete
Good news – I checked your Green Arrow Recycling online and it appears that they do take #2 (HDPE) bottles. This would include milk bottles and Seventh Generation bottles. They, in turn, would send the bottles to the MRF.
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Packaging Pete
I'm glad the video was helpful. Sorry but Seventh Generation does not take recyclables. Check with your local municipality for the items that they can accept.
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I was pleased to see the 90% PCR on the dish liquid and disappointed to see only 25% PCR on the laundry detergent... I know HDPE is the best choice, but have you found any use for the PETE water bottles? I am using the dish liquid in my soft soap dispenser in the bathroom...I added a little water to thin it. I am a new 7th Generation customer and am pleased with your products. Thank you!
mjsclero picture
Thanks for the video on how your bottles are made. One more reason to switch ALL my cleaning products over to 7th.
melodiesmith picture
Bravo! Our non-profit education organization is planning a recycling seminar. Any way we can get this video? I'm not a techie, so if it's easy to copy from the blog site I'll follow up on that.
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Is there a program where a local recycling center can send in the milk bottles to an MRF? We have a new place called green arrow recycling and I wonder if there is a program for local centers to send in.
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I wondered how that process worked. Is there a way to send you our used milk cartons?
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That was so interesting. Keep up the transparency!
Laurieee06 picture
WOW! Very interesting video, Seventh Generation. Keep up the good work :)
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Thanks, I enjoyed the video! And, thanks for caring enough to use 90% recycled. That is one of the reasons I buy your products.