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How I Clean My Kitchen Sink

Author: RealMomofNJ

This year, instead of the usual resolutions to lose weight and exercise more, I thought I'd try something new. I'd make small, daily efforts around my house so that it'd be cleaner and better organized. Yes! This is something I can actually stick with. But where to start...

I decided to begin with one of the most neglected areas in my house: my kitchen sink. I often forget to clean my sink as part of my post-dinner clean-up and by the time I remember, I'm too tired to bother. So, I resolved to pay my sink the attention it deserves by giving it a little bath each night. It's been a little over a week now, and I've got it down.

First, I empty the sink of all dishes (this may seem obvious, but I watched my husband clean around a huge dish the other day, instead of removing it from the sink before cleaning). I then give the sink a quick rinse with hot water and gather the bits of food that have accumulated in the drain. I then spray the sink down with Seventh Generation's all-purpose cleaner and use my scrub brush to scour the sink. I start at the upper rim and move down to the basin. If there's dried-on gunk that requires more than just a little elbow grease, I sprinkle some baking soda on the area to provide a gentle abrasive when scrubbing. After rinsing the sink in hot water again, I stand back and admire my work.

And guess what? Even if the rest of the house is a mess, I feel great because my sink looks fantastic. And it only takes 5 minutes! If only laundry were this easy...

Do you have a kitchen sink cleaning routine?

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I recommend a book called Sink Reflections or you can look up FlyLady on the web. It's about creating routines that organize and improve your life. She recommends that the very first step to becoming organized is to shine your sink and from then on you continue to end your day by cleaning and drying your sink and then changing your dish towel. From there you take "baby steps", which she explains, until you have banished CHAOS from your life.
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For the last commenter, if you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink - I save orange rinds (in small pieces) in a freezer bag. Every so often I chuck them down the disposal. Works like a charm!
mulberryann picture
thanks for all your comments; but, it's my kitchen drain that has such an awful smell!!! Any suggestions please???
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I have an old, stainless steel sink. I have found that baking soda and lemon juice(!) works really nicely and the sink smells good too. acidity in lemon juice is similar to what is in vinegar. I stumbled on this combination accidentally when I had expired lemon juice that couldnt be used for canning. Certainly more expensive than using vinegar, but in the kitchen I prefer it.
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I saw a show on television where the woman found out that her sink had more germs in it than her toilet. It got me thinking of course. Yuck. I use dish cloths in my dish cleaning and today I now use a new one everyday. I had to buy more, but it is worth it. I usually take 7th Generations all purpose cleaner and spray it when I am done with dishes and let it sit for about three minutes while I am doing something else. I come back and run hot water over it to rinse. I just got a new stainless steel sink and if they are let go, can really smell bad. I take really good care of my sink and my families health now.
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If you have a sink that needs cleaning, try Green Cleaning Technologies Safe Science All Purpose Cleaner. Spray it on and let it sit for a minute or two, and it will remove just about anything. If you have a really tough stain, mix it with some baking soda or sea salt for some extra grit and that will do the trick.
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I, too, clean up my entire kitchen each night as I finish dinner dishes. The stove, counters and sink get a quick wipe/scrub down (with Seventh Generation's all purpose cleaner) after all of the dishes are clean or put in the dishwasher. Like one commenter said, it only takes a couple minutes but makes a huge difference in making your entire house feel clean. I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen and this way I guarantee that I come out to a clean one!
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We have a stainless steel kitchen sink. I put in the stopper, and sprinkle baking soda all over the bottom of the sink. I then pour in vinegar till it covers all the backing soda and let it does its foaming action. Then I rinse sink out with hot water and wipe down the faucet and rim of the sink. Works great.
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Samantha, I am sooo glad you mentioned your DH's 'unique' way of cleaning the sink. I thought MY hubby was the only one who did strange things like that!!!
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This is great, have you been to the flylady website? This is the first step she suggests to begin to get your whole house in order! Keep your sink shining!!
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I have white porcelain sinks, and they immediately get stained-looking and disgusting. To whiten them up again, I scatter a bunch of baking soda, then pour in vinegar and wipe with a wet rag. It takes 2 seconds, deodorizes and disinfects, and leaves the sinks white again.
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Actually, I go further than that. I wash the dishes as I make my meals (stick them in the hot water to soak, and scrub them out as the food cooks) and when I am done with all the dishes, the sinks get washed out,the counters all get wiped down and the stove gets cleaned off. Takes about 2 minutes, although it seems lie a lot, and guess what? the kitchen looks clean (if you don't look at the floor).