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How A Father Goes With the Flow

Author: the Inkslinger

It's the day you don't want to come too soon because it marks the end of something precious. But life pulls us along toward inevitabilities both bittersweet and beautiful. So it was that my daughter got her first period last week. And with it came whispers of childhood's end and the echo of her first footfalls on the path to womanhood.

Also came my wife's voicemail message requesting an immediate, emergency airlift of feminine care products from Seventh Generation. Unfortunately for the Hapless Male (that would be me), the S.O.S. was a tad short on details. "Get some supplies. We're all out."

So it was that I stood before a wall of feminine care possibilities and fully confronted my bottomless ignorance of the menstrual arts. Chlorine-free pads in different sizes. Check. Organic cotton tampons. Check. But regular or super? Whoa, there's also super-plus. Which does the daughter need? How does a father even begin to inquire about flow? Are first periods low and slow or fast and heavy? Will she even use tampons? Oh dear. We have entered the territory of daughterly maturational privacy every father fears. And what of these things called applicators? Are they boon or bane to the novice? The Hapless Male is pretty sure the daughter doesn't want the family poking around down there trying to be helpful. More importantly, do applicators need batteries? Is a training video required? Can you find it on YouTube?

But I do know one thing. I love my daughter more than life itself and understand that she is no longer my little girl. All I can do is all I have done since the day she arrived. My best. Because that's what fathers do. And the good ones never fail without a fight. So I decide to get one of everything. When I get the goods home, I will leave the sorting to the expert, my wife. I will just offer a giant hug to my daughter, knowing the next time will be easier on us all.

How do you choose feminine care for your family? Tell us by posting below, and we'll pick 5 Nation members to receive a free box of Seventh Generation organic cotton tampons (recently rated #1 by GoodGuide).


howdenjoyce picture
I let my daughter decide what to use. We don't use the same things but since it's not a very pleasant time of the month (pardon the pun), I get whatever makes her happy.
MotherLodeBeth picture
In our family like with diapers, its washable cloth pads, which are rinsed well and set in a diaper bucket that has some water and hydrogen peroxide which helps remove any blood stains etc. Then the pads get washed in hot water on a small load setting every couple days. We also have a special dinner, parent(s) and daughter when the first menses occurs. Its something to celebrate, and something we as women in the family, dont dread each month since its a healthy reminder our bodies are working well.
mgerman picture
When I choose feminine care products it's important for me to use the most natural items I can find. I love Seventh Generation's line of chlorine-free pads & chlorine-free tampons made with organic cotton. It scares me when I think about all the years I used sanitary products that contained chlorine. So glad that when the time comes for my children to have to use feminine care products that there are SAFE pads/tampons out there. Thank you, Seventh Generation!
crackedjar picture
When my daughter was about 16, she found cloth pads on the internet and wanted to try them. She got me started using them, and we both use them at home and Seventh Generation pads and tampons when out and about. She is expecting my first grandchild now! :)
Melissa33 picture
I have recently switched to Seventh Generation pads, and am very pleased with them. I'd love to try the tampons soon!
kt1969 picture
I didn't know until recently that Seventh Generation made feminine care products, so I haven't tried them out yet. I've been using the same thing for years...Tampax with the cardboard applicator [saw too many of the plastic ones washed up on beaches as a kid to use those]. But I will definitely give the Seventh Gen ones a try...they sound great! My daughter just turned 12 so this will be an issue I'll be facing with her soon, and I'd like to think I'm giving her the healthiest possible products to use in her body.
Dahlyla Lang picture
Dahlyla Lang
I only use natural cotton tampons. My doctor recommended that I don't use any at all but if I chose to anyway to change them more often than usually recommended since I had toxic shock syndrome when I was 16. I figure it is less likely to get poisoned by something natural (and I still use precaution).
leighna picture
My daughter just turned 13 and I also know that this day will come all to soon. I also understand that each "woman" is different and would like my daughter to have choices when it comes to her period. So thank you for offering us choices and would love to try your product.
flaringshutter picture
I used tampons for years and years just because it was what my mother used and we had them on hand when I started my period. Later when i started college I heard about the moon cup. It's the ultimate in eco-friendly feminine care, since you buy one and it lasts for years! I wish I had known sooner.
RVSNewark picture
I'm the only person in my family who uses feminine care - but, I've been gradually trying to convert my product usage over to organic items as much as possible. It started with food, now with skin care and cosmetics (even nail polish), so feminine care would be the next logical step. I don't want to unnecessarily have any exposure to chlorine that's not necessary (especially internally). I'm impressed by this product's Good Guide #1 rating - so I'd love to try it.
Black Swan picture
Black Swan
I don't have a family yet, but back in university my "family" (female housemates and best friends) introduced me to the Diva Cup. It's a silicon cup that collects menstrual flow. It's emptied, washed and re-inserted. They last a very long time (10 years!) , and because they don't absorb any fluid, there is no risk of TSS.Once I got the hang of it, I never looked back. Any time I have had to use a regular pad or tampon, it's the worst, and I'm that much happier to use a Diva Cup. I often forget I'm having my period at all! Sometimes it does leak, so I have sewn my own pantyliners. I just wash and reuse them.
mjh4rdt picture
As a young woman, who once had her first period, who also happens to be a small person but with organic preferences and picky tastes on what kinds of things I should be putting on my skin and inside my body. When I started, of course, pads, ...but that doesn't last long, you don't want to feel crippled by your 'issue'. so i went straight to non-applicator regular absorbency organic tampons (and in towns where this was not available i can usually find OB brand). these were fantastic! they are small, easy to hide for a young girl who would be embarrassed, also they are small, this doesn't hurt as much and with no applicator it is always more comfortable because it is placed in the correct spot. as i got older and less sensitive i started using a diva cup, but due to my small stature i still find sometimes that it is too large and uncomfortable. when very young bodies start, bodies who have not had children etc we are sometimes not ready for every option that exists. As long as your daughter is comfortable with her 'security system' wearing it as well as managing it, that is most important.
Naddez picture
I choose the feminine care that's on sale & most times with a coupon. After reading your review above, I'm interested in the Seventh Generation feminine care for my teen.
bwilson picture
I think she's still your little girl... but the title has changed. She's now your growing woman, or young adult. Rest assured that her feelings of love and wanting to be loved and adored by her father are still fully in tact, though she may want that love and attention (of a different sort!) from other boys as well. Brace for that part of the process!! Though I haven't experienced this yet, I plan to have a girl's night. Dinner, movie, dessert, and all things womanhood. It's a good time for your daughter to feel love and not isolation, as I'm sure she's experiencing right now. We choose based on price, but I have preferences. Plastic applicators are a favorite and although I've tried many Seventh Generation products and use them daily, I have yet to try the tampons. I'd love to, of course! The idea of chlorine-free makes me think it may be time for a switch.
earthgirl26 picture
I was lucky enough to have a friend who told me about how she celebrated with her daughters. So my daughter and I talked about this ahead of time and she knew the plan. So one day when I went to wake her for school and she would not get out of bed I was surprised, and frustrated. She did not tell me outright she had gotten her period, she just kept saying, but you said I could stay home. I finally got it, and we talked, and she went back to sleep. We had a special mother/daughter day and that night invited her best friend and parents out to dinner with champagne to celebrate. It was wonderful and helped to ensure that we all took a minute to realize how important and special the day was. I treasure every moment of my daughters passage to young woman, and hope she does too.
L_Barnes picture
I used to buy a brand of all cotton tampons years ago. When we moved to Alaska I couldn't find them anywhere. I went back to the only thing available, bleached synthetics. I was so happy to find Seventh Generation at an online drugstore right after my daughter started her periods. We are both using your natural tampons. I too offered her a selection. We talked about them, what does what and why. This was a refresher since we had spoke about a year before she needed them. She chose what felt right to her and everything else was available under her sink.
mellanhead picture
I usually buy what is on sale or what I have a coupon for. But I have been trying to go more green so I have been using mama cloth while looking for organic items for my teen daughter
epblack picture
I wish I knew the answer to this myself. My daughter is 11 and I know this day will come oh to soon! :(