How to Clean Toilets

  • Remove everything around or on top of toilet
  • You can either use Seventh Generation Toilet Cleaner or the Tub & Tile spray
  • Apply cleaner around the inside of the first ring of the toilet, leave for 3-5 minutes
  • Put the lid down on the toilet, spray Tub & Tile Cleaner quickly around the outside of the toilet, including the corners, let sit
  • Open the lid and spray Tub & Tile Cleaner on the inside of the lid
  • Now with the toilet brush, remove all of the dirt from the inside of toilet bowl
  • You shouldn't forget to clean the area where the water flushes, that's where most bacteria stays
  • You can once again spray Tub & Tile Cleaner in the inside of the toilet bowl
  • Clean outside of toilet with microfiber or towel with a top to bottom motion and back to front
  • Important to remember to clean the toilet handle
  • Clean the inside rings of the toilet with brush
  • There's a secret spot where the dirt remains, where the seat is connected to the toilet -- spray Tub & Tile Cleaner directly in each area and use a toothbrush to scrub to clean away all of the dirt
  • Continue to clean exterior of toilet at the base where it connects with the floor. This area is also very dirty. Spray with Tub & Tile and use toothbrush to scrub if needed.
  • Outside is clean, move back to inside. Clean with toilet brush and flush the toilet.
written by:

Ivette from WAGES