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How to Clean Shower Soap Scum

Author: Ivette from WAGES
  • If soap scum is in the tub, the best way to clean is when it's dry: use a metal spatula like you're removing the skin off a vegetable.
  • If scum is in a glass shower door, spray Tub & Tile Cleaner generously on glass and use a strong abrasive sponge to clean.
  • If scum is on the bathroom faucet and knobs, spray with Tub & Tile Cleaner and use microfiber or towel to scrub and shine the metal.

Daisy picture
Thanks for the quick and helpful tip :)
Amyrenea picture
I use a nice 'smooth' foot pumice stone on my glass shower doors- you can tell when the scum is gone by the feel- it does not scratch the surface. I do this to prevent any chemicals getting on my kids( they play in the shower w/ me- I'm a busy mom!) and plus it keeps the fumes away from my asthmatic daughter! Try it! You use less elbow grease than most sprays anyway!
mgough picture
I have found that using just water and a magic eraser works wonderfully in removing soap scum.
sulley picture
Disagree! A Metal spatula ????? Yikes! I have a porcelain tub and tile. A metal spatula would ruin it. Spray your shower doors and tile down twice of week after showers with a mix of vinegar and water. Let sit for a few minute wipe away with cloth or squeegie.
chiefsangeleyes picture
As my daughter and i both has pretty severe Asthma, I've done a lot of research on best, non toxic ways to remove soap scum build up...with no toxic fumes or chemicals. My favorite way also yielded the best results. Mix baking soda into a thick paste with water and smear on dampened area. Let sit 10 mins. Rinse off. :) If soap scum is heavy, reapply and use scrub side of a sponge to lightly rub after letting it soak another 10 mins. My daughter thinks this is fun, and loves to help mommy clean the tub!