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Hey Canada, It's Time to Green Your Routine

Author: Gill Deacon

With September just around the corner there's no better time to start a new routine for you and your families as you enter into a new fall schedule.


It takes just two weeks to form a new habit (or break a bad one), so why not make a commitment before heading back to school to adopt a few small and simple changes that can save money, make a lasting impact on the environment, and positively affect the health of your family?


Working with Seventh Generation in the past, I have been inspired by the message of caring today for seven generations of tomorrow. I believe we each have the opportunity to make our children environmental stewards by instilling our values in them and leading by example. I think it's important to educate our children and give them the tools to understand how to make conscious decisions for their health and the health of the environment.


And so, over the next month I will be working alongside Seventh Generation to help you and other Canadians like you to "Green Your Routine." What is "Green Your Routine"? It's a commitment to making simple changes that can be incorporated into your family's daily routine in two weeks or less. Adopting even a few of these practices in the beginning of the school year will help make a lasting impact on the environment and the health of your family.


There are lots of ways to practice a more sustainable lifestyle, but in my experience you won't get there overnight. I recommend taking it slow, and choosing the options that best fit your family, your lifestyle and your budget. Throughout the month I'll be blogging useful tips, tricks and ideas to help you lead a healthier life. I hope you join me!


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