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Helping Your Daughter Choose Feminine Care Products

Author: sheila hollender

Given our daily battle to protect our families and children from toxins in the air and in our foods, it's time to pay attention to the feminine care products we introduce our young daughters to. Since most moms are responsible for helping their daughters choose, it's important for them to understand the processes that go into making tampons and pads.

Many tampons are made with cotton, rayon (wood pulp), or a combination of the two. The cotton may have been grown with the use of pesticides. Some rayon undergoes a chlorinated bleaching process which results in chlorinated toxins entering the environment.  If every woman of menstruating age replaced one 16-count package of regular absorbency conventional cotton tampons with organic cotton tampons, we could prevent 21,000 lbs of pesticides from polluting our rivers, lakes, and streams.

The topic of accumulated exposure to chlorinated toxins and pesticide residue is discussed by the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.

I have two daughters -- I chose to feed them organic baby food, organic milk, and organic meat.  I took the same care when it came time to buy them tampons and pads and chose organic cotton tampons and chlorine free pads from Seventh Generation.  It's a choice every woman should consider.

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jennyviktoria picture
i third the cup! i use a diva cup, there's also the moon cup (if you want options…but they're all basically the same). Fantastic!!! I've only been using it for a few months and am SO glad i took the leap after thinking about it for a year! I don't have to worry about it the entire day i'm at work (only deal with it in the am and before bed), I am more in tune with my body, I am no longer feeling cramps, i dont waste products or money! i also used hybrid and cloth diapers with my daughter, so why not try cloth pads for myself?? wonderful! one divacup with two small cloth pantyliner pads is all i need! no waste, no extra laundry! and with the added (free) benefit of having a stronger sense of who i am as a woman!
kristina_mh picture
I started reading this in hopes that someone in the comments would mention the cup. I have been using the LadyCup for over a year now and it is great! if you don't know what it is, like the previous poster stated, google it and do some research. I wish it was more advertised and talked about in America, so women knew they have another choice. Please check it out!
allison2714 picture
I've been concerned about this for a long time, but I only finally did something about it this past fall. I'm all for choosing products that are sustainably made without chemicals, however, it was really getting to me that I'm STILL throwing away all of that "girl stuff". And the more I thought about it, the bigger the pile of thrown away "stuff" was getting. I mean, most people use 4-6 items per day for at least 4 days. That's almost 250 feminine care items per year for around 30 YEARS. Ugh. So last fall I hesitantly took the challenge of "The Cup" (just google it if you don't know what I'm talking about). Natural rubber, 90-day trial, cost approximately the same of 3 months of natural products... And I'm hooked. Seven months later, I'm giving away any leftover boxes of feminine care products I still have. No more purchases, no more worry of TSS, no more leaks, and NO MORE TRASH. Highly recommend it. peace, allison P.S. I mentioned it to a close friend during my trial, and she is now hooked, too. It's a weird topic to broach, so I'm glad for this opportunity!