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Help Start a Conversation

Author: sheila.B

I want to ask your help in starting a conversation about feminine care products.

As women, we are highly tuned to the green choices available -- except when it comes to our periods. I think it's time to change that! Seventh Generation has come up with a short video to help start the conversation.

Please pass this post along to all the daughters, nieces, mothers, sisters, granddaughters, and friends in your life!


Teachercathym picture
I problem is bladder leakage, which is getting worse. I am allergic to the dyes and perfumes in bladder leak pads. I am trying to use the seventh generation pads, but they are not great because the moisture seeps through. I would love your company to market no dyes, perfumes, chlorine- bladder pads.
cheetahlove16 picture
I haven't been able to find light flow natural/organic tampons anywhere. I don't like wearing tampons for more than a few hours so I usually use light and occasionally regular absorbency. Please make light flow organic tampons!
Jen-1025 picture
Not to be Debbie Downer, however I remember looking into the phenomenon of organic cotton tampons and dangers of non-organic in my early teens. I was quickly bombarded with links about internet hoaxes by maternal figures in my life, and told the whole thing was a plant by Organic Tampon companies trying to sell their product. Perhaps this was in relation to the specifics I came across at the time, and not the situation as a whole, I cannot remember now. Sure in hindsight, perhaps it was exactly the Larger corporations saying it was a planted 'hoax' that there were dangers to their tampons, but in any case, I need facts, not hearsay, and not ads, which is exactly what the above video is. So, where can I get the facts please? I will also call for a junior or light tampon from the organic ranks - that is my biggest reason for using other brands aside from price; using a tampon with greater absorbency than my current flow causes other problems, I'll leave it at that. The Diva Cup is great - but I also find it problematic for my light flow, for changing at work and what have you. I also think women vary slightly in anatomical structure, and I happen to be one of the 'oddballs' for whom this doesn't quite jive/stay as it should. Believe me I've read the help forums on how to correctly use it, I just went back to light tampons. But, by all means, Diva Cup is great if it works for you!
Just S picture
Just S
New member here! I heard about 7th Generation from a friend and just fell in love with the products. I didn't even know you had tampons...also didn't know that there were reusable pads/cups/etc. for our periods. I am sticking with tampons and will try these out.
autumnsong picture
I switched to the Diva Cup two months ago, and I love it. I use Seventh Generation pantie liners on the very light days. I purchased both at Much less expensive than the health food stores where they are usually sold. The Seventh Generation liners do not cause any of the skin irritation that the "regular" ones always gave me. I'm hooked.
katspleen picture
No more garbage! well worth the initial investment.
mexicamommy picture
When I was shopping online for my daughters cloth diapers, I found that most cloth diaper sites also sell cloth menstrual pads. is a good site. I agree that tampons aren't the healthiest choice. I used to only wear tampons cause I thought it felt "cleaner." But why do we see our periods as unclean. In stores and commercials, anything that has to do with our cycles is referred to as "sanitary." So its no surprise as to why we're brainwashed into thinking our cycles are dirty. They're not dirty, they're a natural sign of fertility. This was pointed out to me in a book I read called Cunt by Inga Muscio. I learned from a Dakota elder woman that when we are on our periods, we are at our strongest! Its when our bodies are letting go of negative energy, its our way of cleansing ourselves spiritually. Men don't have the ability of cleansing themselves! That is the biggest reason I don't use tampons anymore. It is also our connection to the moon! Cause we're both on 28-day cycles! A-ho! Ometeotl!
katielynne picture
I've recently discovered a little shop on the Etsy website: where you can find pads and liners as well as a couple of other earth conscious items. And as the owner of this store educated me: these are also a good choice for stress incontinence. I'm excited to see that she offers her pads in fabrics that will appeal to the younger set. I'm so glad to hear about these alternatives for handling personal hygiene while simultaneously respecting our environment. I just wish we would have had these options (or the fabulous idea) to use recyclable pads when I was younger (I'm post-menopausal). I cringe and am saddened when I imagine the volume of pads/diapers/depends laying in our landfills. As for kayote's protestations, to be sure, sheila.B HAS begun a conversation (perhaps in the best way she could think of at the time)--to which we have all conversated (a little Bush humor!!). So I deem her effort a huge success! Thanks sheila.B!! Katie Lynne in Astoria, Oregon
AdvicePeeps picture
I think it's great that Seventh Generation wants to inspire women to think about what they're using for feminine hygiene. The problem is that I don't necessarily agree that tampons are the healthiest choice for a woman's body. There's an article that covers a lot of the basics about why tampons are not very good, even if they are made with organic substances and are unscented: Thanks for creating the video though. It's nice to know that someone out there wants us to think about our health in that sort of way too. Being a strong woman means making the right choices and taking care of ourselves. How can we be strong if we aren't thinking about even the simplest of choices we make, right? :) I do really like the Seventh Generation pads though, as I've used them along with my Diva Cup. Though, now I'm reading these comments and am becoming more curious about reusable menstrual pads. I'll have to check 'em out! :)
k00kykelly picture
I love LunaPads also! I've stopped getting the rash reaction I used to get from the plastic pads and it is so easy to just change the top layer to keep it fresh and avoid that wet feeling. For swimming and other non-pad friendly times I use the Diva Cup. Works like a charm and doesn't need to be changed too often. I can go all day at work without worrying about it.
kayote picture
I find it odd you describe that as a video to "start a conversation." It looks purely like an advertisement to me. It's a nice advertisement, but I'm not passing along advertising that has little else going for it. It's not very informative. It only mentions one possible alternative. Every time you post anything about paper towels or feminine care I sigh as you avoid any non-disposable option. Please take a broader view of what you are selling. As mentioned above, reusable pads need to be washed. Why don't you "start your conversation" around both your disposable products AND using non-nasty chemical cleaners to clean the non-disposable? There--both are selling something you make, and you actually present multiple options. If you want to be treated as a source of information you need to not avoid alternatives you don't sell, and instead find some creative marketers to tie in other product lines to those alternatives. As it is, the amount of information omitted from these "discussion starters" makes me less trusting of the information you do choose to note.
tonyacole picture
I love using organic tampons, but as I get older my flow cycle is less and the regular tampons hurts. I would LOVE for SG to make junior size and target the teen market a little. I have resorted to the sea sponge which is okay at home but not while I am working. Please make a smaller tampon for those light flow gals. Love all your products~ -Tonya
nj2az07 picture
I find the organic labeling confusing. What makes these organic?? I know there are standards for food in order for them to be truly organic, but what standards are being used here to label a tampon organic?
daughertyjessica picture
I use cotton pads or sea sponge tampons when swimming. I love my cloth pads-so much more comfortable than disposable products. I wash my pads with another load of laundry (cloth diapers, underwear, or towels) so i'm not using any extra water to wash them. When i have to travel i do use disposable pads, but i use Natracare or Organyc brands. They're plastic free and just as comfy as my cloth pads. I've used 7th Gen pads but i'm not impressed with how the wings rip off the pad when i try to remove them from my panties. So annoying i quit using them, and stick with other things instead.
wickenching picture
I throw away exactly nothing into the trash can each month. I use a Diva Cup or organic cotton pads. Sure, I use a small quantity of water when I wash the pads on cold in my front loader, but I sleep a lot better knowing that I have reduced my impact as much as I know how.
Sckoon picture
One of the most frequest questions we get at Sckoon Organics is how to wash Sckoon's organic cotton cloth menstrual pads and baby clothes. We always recommend Seventh Generation detergents. They are natural, sustainable and just right to wash 100% organic cotton products. Washing cloth menstrual pads is much easier than you think. Just soak pads in cold water with a little bit of 7Gen laundry detergent for 6-12 hours, and just throw the pads in your washing machine after that. Reusable cloth menstrual pads can save you money and of course, great for the environment.
gshin picture
I use Lunapads. Check out my blog post: Divacup is also fantastic option. Reusable, hospital grade silicone. I used to use 7th Gen. chlorine-free pads, which were a good alternative, but once I discovered organic cotton reusable pads, I never went back. Plus a lot less packaging! If I'm in a bind, I like Natracare's pads b/c they don't use any plastic at all in their packaging. (Note: I don't work for Lunapads or anything of the sort, I just love them!) Best, gloria s. "Learn. Think. Act." Blog -
komiiro picture
Sadly, I don't have a lot of input here because I haven't been able to find organic cotton tampons. However, I do prefer tampons because they feel "cleaner". I realize this is going to be TMI for many people, but I switched from pads to tampons because I couldn't handle the feeling of my fluids sitting there against my body. I like feeling dry (or as dry as a woman ever feels) and clean and tampons do that for me. I have never actually tried the diva cup, but I've heard good things about it. It's just alot to invest on something right now for something I'm not sure about. And so long as I'm not changing a tampon every hour I'm cool with it, but it had better be able to handle overnight because, as I said, I cannot even consider a pad. Just... ew....