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Have You Switched to Seventh Generation Diapers?

Author: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation DiapersWe're always interested in learning how our consumers make the journey to Seventh Generation.

Have you recently switched from a big brand diaper to Seventh Generation? If so, can you tell us why?

Your responses will help us spread the word to other moms who might not know about our products.

Thanks for your help!


Rebecca Faythe picture
Rebecca Faythe
Used Seventh Generation on my newborn and she got horrible diaper rash, by the time she was three weeks old I tried a generic diaper brand and the rash went away completely. I was very disappointed that a diaper supposedly made for sensitive skin didn't work very well. I hate using generic diapers because they aren't good for the environment but it looks like i don't have much of a choice until I am able to buy cloth diapers.
AbigailCStewart picture
We recently switched to Seventh Generation Diapers after using Earth's Best and Huggies Natural Care. Seventh Generation fits our son (2 1/2 months) much better and holds his urine through the night. They're great diapers!
augmommy picture
I have always used Seventh Generation for my daughter (when she's not in cloth) since she was born. It felt like the right thing to do to reduce our impact (since babies aren't the gentlest on the environment) and give her a safer diaper. We recently spent a week traveling with family and used a package of "big brand" diapers and they did not hold up as well as 7thGen. I was very disappointed, and quite (happily) surprised. Now I can full heartedly, honestly say that not only are they better for the environment, they're just plain better (period).
heavenly35 picture
Did a very short lived trial and my son who is still in diapers. I only use Seventh Generation diapers on Caleb but had to stick him in a swim diaper for the pool. Used a certain BIG name diaper brand and lo and behold wouldn't you know my son blew up like a balloon with rash in about 40 min. He can't even wear their "natural" diapers
hollyhedman picture
I was first introduced to 7th Generation when my first child was born. I had to use cloth diaper because she would get severe diaper rash. But when we traveled (which was often)I needed disposables. My sister told me about 7th Gen and we could only find it at Whole Foods. So, I was limited to how often I could buy them seeing as where I lived there wasn't a Whole Foods near by. Fast forward 5 1/2 years to the birth of my 3rd child. 7th Generation is now in more retail stores and more places online. I started my boy using Earth's Best, but when they started giving him diaper rash, I switch to 7th Gen and have not looked back. I love that they are not bleached, biodegradable and doesn't cause my kids to have diaper rash! I love that I now can find them on line and in retail stores other then Whole foods. Being in the military, we are not always lucky to have such stores close by. So, having other options are wonderful!
Squeakychatter picture
our son was too small for th cloth diaper system I intended for him. I found 7th Generation was cut better than the name brands so leaks became o problem! I'm not the biggest environmental mom, but it's a plus to know these are good for leaks BUT great for lots of other reasons!
kichigai_dave picture
Well, basically have had many issues with the average diaper. My son would break out and get very bad diaper rash with most diapers. I began using Nature Babycare and Earth's Best with very good results. I switched for 2 reasons: price and 7th Gen are made in the U.S.A. However, those are the only Pros I have for these diapers when comparing to the above mentioned brands. Cons: run small in size, aren't very absorbent compared to above, are't dye free. Due to the absorbency issue, I have to change them more regularly or he'll get mild rash from the urine being more in contact with the skin than the other brands above. No good at all for overnight, usually leaks right through. Otherwise I have to change in the middle of the night, which regularly results in my son not wanting to go back to sleep. I've switched back to Earth's Best and have no further issues. Better absorbency, no irratation, overnights are almost always good about 95% of the time. I would consider using them again if they fix the absorbency issue, and make them dye free. I always try to use products made in the U.S.A., but in this case I guess Mexico will have to do.
kimballa picture
I have a child with Special Needs and has worn diapers for 13 years and we do not see an end to this in the near future. My child is small and wears a size 7 by other providers. My child is currently 51 lbs at age 13. If you could get larger sizes I would immediately convert. I do use the wipes, my husband does not prefer them as they tend to dry out, but I feel better using them and would with the diapers too if they were an option.
maxfisher picture
I started using 7th generation diapers after having a reaction to the Pamper diapers. My hands were so dry,cracked and raw that they would just ache if I had to use a traditional diaper. I decided to switch diapers just to see what would happen and could not believe how fast my hands returned to normal after starting 7th generation diapers. So good for baby and me too!
marisa_meyer picture
Just had our second baby. Unfortunately, our daycare will not use cloth diapers, so we have to use disposable diapers. We used Huggies with the first and were planning on using the Pure and Natural for our second. Well - those were a BIG mistake. For something that is "pure and natural" I was surprised to frequently see the little absorbent crystals sticking to my son's bottom. Gross. We switched to 7th Generation because I can find them at Target and the price difference between 7th Generation and Huggies Pure and Natural is so small now. I appreciate the coupons that I can use on the 7th Generation diapers. Our pediatrician has said that she has seen many families switch to 7th Generation diapers and she sees less diaper rash in the 7th Generation babies.
rebekahmarriott picture
these diapers are my favorite! every other brand aka "white" diapers give my daughter horrible rashes. The only con is that they are not biodegradable. In that area, gdiapers gets my vote. I thought 7thgen would have more earth friendly diapers, because they are such an awesome company. Maybe in the future :)
nightmere picture
I had been using disposable diapers for daycare and traveling, and cloth at home. Zoe developed a horrible rash due to the new changes in Pampers... my husband and I decided to try 7th generation diapers.. her rash has NOT been back. Coincidence? I think not!
liltonton23 picture
I absolutely love these, switched when my love was about 4mos, wish I knew of them sooner, now, 18mos later, they are available in lots of stores and most are priced at or below "big brands"...I don't see training pants anywhere though, but we only use the diapers at night now, she's been potty trained since 21mos. I wish 7th gen would come out w/ a cloth diaper though, that would be the ultimate, environmentally friendly, smart choice! I never had enough $ to invest in cloth, so I just had a handful of singley-bought or given-to-me ones, and tried the g-diapers, but the leaked sometimes, as did cloth, except bum-genius was pretty good...then w/ potty-training, we just used cloth training pants, and to be honest-gets them trained a lot faster+positive reinforcement! Love all of your products, but they r a bit pricey, besides the diapers! They never leak, for me anyways, I can't let her sit in any amount of pee-she doesn't like it/rashes easilly/sensitive skin. I do also dump the poop in the potty and toss the diaper, and love the coupons!
jessibeme picture
We started buying 7th Gen because we had coupons, and I like them the best out of the disposables we've used. I can tell when she's wet, which is great for a cloth diapered baby. They don't leak, but sometimes they come perilously close to blowing out up the back for some reason, never out the legs. They don't have crazy sponsored cartoons on them which I LOVE! If you're going to use disposable diapers (which we don't do a lot.. cloth diapers work better for our lifestyle and budget) SAPs and pulps and plastics are going to be in ALL of them. This is a good- albeit expensive- option that cuts out many of the chemicals that concern me as a mama. I have to say, though, that if my mom didn't buy them for us much of the time, we would probably still be using Costco brand for those times when we don't use cloth because of the price.
ehcrooks picture
I alternated between Pampers for convenience and cloth diapers. I've stopped using Pampers because they kept giving my daughter diaper rashes and I found myself using Desitin nearly every night. Plus they never kept her dry and her back was soaked every morning. Since using Seventh Generation I haven't had to use Desitin at all and she stays nice and dry over night. And there's none of that nasty urine mixed with heavy perfume smell. These are great diapers!!
testephanski picture
Oh to not have to work and be able to only use cloth diapers!! That would never fly at any day care center!!! I used g-diapers for the short time I was able to spend home with my son and when I did take him to day care they were astonished by the natural color and thought that he had had a major blow-out...it took a while for the caregivers to get used to - but I wouldn't give them up for anything!! And at home we are very diligent about emptying out the solid waste into the toilet (at least one less thing in the landfill!).
gkhjr11 picture
We have always used 7th Gen for our diapers and our daughter is almost 2 years old. They are great no funny perfume smell and unbleached. She has never really had a diaper rash in 2 years. I wish 7th Gen would make an overnight diaper as my daughter will frequently wet through her Pj's. The wipes and diapers are the best on the market!
elizacole picture
We used cloth diapers the first four months and then switched to disposables. We started out using the popular pampers since that is what just about everyone we know uses. After about a month or two, I started to really think about what was in the diapers that my daughter wears every day, ALL day. It scared me to not know what was in them. I also hated the powdery, perfume, chemical smell of pampers. I decided to give seventh generation a try. I am from VT originally and we love your dish soap and now your botanical cleaners. We have been using your diapers for a few months and love them! I do try to find coupons online and we order from diapers.com too. I'm not sure why your website doesn't offer more competitive prices... We tried your wipes too, but they seemed a little too dry. We ended up using Earth's Best wipes. (They are a little too wet, but I'd rather too wet than too dry when it comes to wipes!) Thanks for disclosing all of your ingredients and making a safe diaper for our baby!
jasonandshawna picture
Like Jennifer O, we considered using cloth diapering but as a first time mom with twin boys, I decided otherwise. I also registered for these but my boys were in preemie diapers for the first couple of months...used preemie Pamper Swaddlers (loved them) & Preemie Huggies (they leaked everytime...hated them!!)I received Newborn Huggie Naturals & 7G at my shower...while the Huggie Naturals didn't leak like the preemies did, they smelled like urine. Now to the 7G...we love, love, love them! They have never leaked & don't stink. My skeptical mother-in-law even commented on their absorbency! We ordered ours on Diapers.com & they came out to $0.17 per diaper, free shipping & they were delivered to my front door the next day...pretty reasonable if you ask me! I use all 7G products with the exception of baby wipes...I didn't think they were plush/wet enough. I ended up using way more than I needed to which defeated the purpose. We are super happy with all 7G products & the company as a whole.
JenniferO picture
I initially considered cloth diapering (until I was told that childcare centers in my area won't accept cloth diapers). I knew that people would buy well-known diaper brands for my baby shower, but I wanted to try 7G's (since we used other 7G products), so I registered for them. A coworker got them for us, but we didn't use them immediately as they were a little too big for our newborn. Since we had so many(and didn't know any better) we used Pampers Swaddlers until our NB got a horrible-looking diaper rash. To add insult to injury, we were using the same brand of wipes and she would scream when we wiped her bottom (when the rash was present). Upon further inspection, I learned that the wipes had alcohol in them and we bought 7G's wipes (which caused her no pain). We also read somewhere that letting a baby wear a diaper that was a little big would allow air to circulate and help heal the rash, so we put in her in the 7G diapers. The rash cleared up, we sold the remaining Swaddlers at a yard sale and signed up for the diapers using Amazon's subscribe and save program.
kh1027 picture
I used big brand diapers with my 1st baby. When pregnant with my second child I began looking for alternatives, simply because the thought of all those dirty diapers sitting in a landfill really started to weigh on my conscious. I thought briefly about cloth diapering, but knew deep down that I didn't have the time, nor the stomach to handle cloth diapers. I also looked at G diapers. I really like them and do use them on weekends when I'm home with my son, but my husband isn't 100% supportive of the G diapers. I finally bit the bullet and tried 7th generation. I had received a free sample of wipes and was impressed (I expected them to be scratchy or break my son out in a rash, but the wipes turned out to be better than the big brands IMO). I bought a small package of 7th generation diapers and was super impressed-no leaks, good fit, thin, and best of all they were better for the environment than the big name brands. Another thing I love is that the diapers aren't covered with cartoon characters. As a parent there is nothing more frustrating than when your child learns about these characters--then starts selecting only certain diapers for the character on the front. No characters keeps the diaper changing drama to a minimum. I'm going to switch to the 7th generation training pants for this very reason. If I have to negotiate which princess design we're selecting for naptime much longer, I may very well lose my mind. :o) I do wish they were priced similar to the big brands and that I could find a bigger package at the grocery store (my store only sells the size 3- 35 ct. package.) I know I can order off diapers.com but its sometimes just easier to pick up at the store.
mshrmhd4 picture
I had done my research and knew I wasn't going to be able to do cloth diapers, but the best alternative for me was Seventh Generation. Not only a quality product but also a VT company as I try to support our local economy. My husband, and I'm certain other friends and family couldn't understand why I was so hung up on them when I hadn't even test driven them yet. Well needless to say my daughter was tiny and needed preemie diapers, and every night she and her clothing were soaked until she was big enough to fit in Seventh Generation diapers. At one point our pediatrician told us perhaps we should take a break from them and use a night time diaper for a bit when she had an infection, that lasted two nights as my husband admitted he now understood why, even the night time diapers from the leading company leaked. Never had a leak with 7th generation. Have found the sizing to be a bit off, but other than that I can't complain at all. I felt bad as I just had my second child and folks gave me other diapers at the baby shower, I quickly donated them to our local family resource center. I'm just not willing to take that chance. I stand by 7th generation diapers until the end. My daughter 2 is now potty training and we have gotten some of their training pants as well. Also convenient as they are available at Diapers.com; never even leave my house to pick them up and reasonable (I think) for a case, in comparison to purchasing them at the local COOP. Also diapers.com takes manufacturers coupons so that has also helped. A case of diapers and a case of wipes, free delivery, can't complain.
heavenly35 picture
Please, please get those swim diapers in motion! Huggies now dyes the (regular) diapers to look like denim, it's madness.
farrahalcorn picture
We use cloth diapers 98% of the time. However, there have been times when traveling that we had to use disposable. I had only used Seventh Generation on previous trips, but on two different occasions these were not available, so I bought Huggies once and Pampers once and both times my baby got a diaper rash. I am sure his skin was not used to the harsh chemicals. It was terrible! I don't understand people complaining about the price...they are barely more expensive than others. And unfortunately, anyone who is used to buying organic products knows they typically are more expensive. I love these for the few times I buy disposable. They absorb great and I don't have to worry about chemicals.
akflynn picture
We used 7th Gen diapers very early on, then around 1 month, we plunged into the world of cloth and wool. Our girl has nary had a rash, and when she's had one we've just let her be diaper free for several hours at a time. We change her diaper every 2 hrs or so. Our total investment for diapers has been $98 for 4 doz. of the prefolds (not including shipping), and $48 for the covers. That's it! The initial investment, especially for covers, seems really steep, until you're making that 12th trip to the store to get more disposables. However, when we take long trips, we've found it's just easier to go disposable. I recommend cloth for those who find 7th gen. diapers pricey. However, consider this: would you knowingly expose your baby to harsh chemicals just to save a few bucks???
denver41 picture
Why does doing the right thing always cost SOOOOOO much more? I used to buy these diapers and loved them; especially the brown color. We had to switch because they became way toooo expensive. I even bought them on line at Amazon in bulk on their subscribe and save program. Diaper for diaper these cost almost twice; even with the savings from Amazon. We also got quite upset when the packaging changed, the number of diapers went down and the cost went up. The reply I recevied from 7th Generation was they were becomign more competitive with other manufacturers....that doens't make any sense???? the numbers used to be the same for a few cents more (which I saved because they were delivered to my door). It's a shame we had to change, but it's either 7th generation diapers or an educational program. It was an easy decision.
barbannsu picture
I will begin by say I love Seventh Generation products. It's all I use for cleaning products around my home, but the diapers are just not in alignment with the rest of the company's eco friendly mission. They are plastic. It's true that when compared to chemical-laden diaper alternatives, these diapers are better for your child, but they are plastic. Plastic does not biodegrade. They all end up in the landfill (forever)! Americans put 50 million diapers into landfills every day! That is 20 BILLION every year, and those diapers aren't going anywhere. I am a new mother of twin boys, and I have gotten my babies g-diapers. They are cloth diapers, but the insert (absorptive piece that collects all the pee and poo) is disposable. It can be thrown away in the garbage and will biodegrade in 1 month. It can be flushed down the toilet and will biodegrade in the sewer system. Or you can also compost wet only diapers for your garden, giving your soil much needed nitrogen. If you want your baby (or babies) to be chemical free AND environmentally responsible too, unfortunately, Seventh Generation diapers are not the way to go. But again I will restate my love for their cleaning products. They are well formulated, work beautifully, are sold in bottles made from recycled plastic and I would recommend them to anyone.
kspangler10 picture
When my son was first born I used the pampers diapers that the hospital had been using. Once my son started eating solids I decided I was going to feed him only organic and self made food. Once I started doing this I decided one day to read up on the pros of "going green" and noticed myself so amazed at the positive things it bring. So shortly after I decided to switch to seventh generation cleaning products. Little did I know that seventh generation also made diapers in wipes. Upon hearing this information I immediately decided that this would be a big piece to finishing my puzzle of completely going green. Never has my son gotten any diaper rash from these products. Even though the diapers may be plain. Me and my husband make it a fun activity to decorate them with chemical free markers.
stitchmistress picture
Don't know why you would use anything else . I am a new mom , and first time mom . haven't had a diaper rash yet. The other brands are full of ink and perfume. yuck!!!!!!!! seriously do you think your 2 month old knows if there is Elmo printed on the diaper......................... love my little lunchbagbuttom, so cute .
jjurko2 picture
I love Seventh Generation and felt great about using the diapers for my baby and the environment. However, I experienced two problems, the latter finally drove me to switch. The only place that carried them at a reasonable price (Babies R' Us) is a long drive out of the way. I probably wasted more gas driving far to buy them than The grocery store and other stores charge $5-6 more a package! And the local COOP was even more! When my baby got to size 5 we found they leaked a lot more than the other sizes and she outgrew the size very quickly, by 18 months! However, she still fit in the other brands. I realized that the cost became prohibitive when she could be in size 5 in another brand. And 6 months later, she is still in a size 5 (albeit on the edge at 25 months). As you all know, as you go up in size you get fewer diapers for the price. In these tenuous economic times, it was a tough but logical decision to make. I hope Seventh Generation improves their larger sizes as I have since read similar reviews from other comments online.
peterjameshughes picture
My husband and I are having our first baby in about four weeks (give or take!). We were originally going to do cloth diapers, and decided that for many reasons we were going to use disposables instead. However, we still wanted something that was gentle on the baby's skin, and respectful of the environment. I am a native Vermonter, and we very quickly settled on Seventh Generation diapers due to other feedback and reviews that we had seen. Information provided by Seventh Generation as well as parents had us sold from the beginning. We ordered the Seventh Generation ones in online, even though access to other brands is often easier to come by. We have 160 newborn diapers and 176 Stage 1 sitting at home ready to use!
emwinslow picture
If you are using disposables, these are the way to go as far as my daughter and I are concerned. We've been using them since birth, and aside from some free ones here and there we've been using them exclusively since her birth 14 months ago. That is, until recently. Right now we're moving, and even though the ones available at the BigBox store are half the price, I hate having to use them. She has had constant diaper rash, leaked a number of times when she didn't before, is less comfortable wearing them, and besides which they're worse for the environment. Yes, disposables end up in the landfill either way. But the way they get there makes a huge impact on the environment, and therefore our families. If you're going to use disposables, use these.
saharah875 picture
My husband and I have been using cloth diapers for our daughter, now 10 months. We feel that this is the best economically and environmentally, but I do admit that we are fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer at home--not everyone does. HOWEVER, when we go on long trips or take our daughter to the nursery at church, we use 7th Gen. diapers. We are able to afford the extra couple of dollars for these diapers because we don't use them too often. We do also use them as her overnight diapers, so that she doesn't wake up because she's wet at night, and it makes me sleep a little more peacefully! When our daughter was a newborn, I started out using other brands of diapers, because the meconium poop seemed like a cloth diaper nightmare...I tried a few of the big brands, and found myself constantly disappointed because they would leak or stink to high heaven of fake flowery nastiness, and would smell even worse once she'd soiled the diaper. I am sensitive to chemical smells and have sensitive skin as well, and I got to thinking about how those diapers couldn't be good for our little one. Once I tried 7th gen, I never looked back! The diapers never leak, are hypoallergenic, and aren't infused with the nasty flowery smell. Thank you for a superior product.
brecheese picture
They are plastic that end up filled with poop in landfills. Cloth diaper or use elimination communication if you care about the environment.
rudypatoody picture
My daughter is now 6M old and we have been using the 7G diapers for about 2 months now. I LOVE them and her butt stays nice and clear. also, if she poops they don't smell which is really nice too. The only downside that we have found is that they tend to leak over-night.
steforei picture
I just posted that the Training Pants were priced pretty high at Amazon.com. I went back and started looking around again and realized that the $41.99 price was for 4 packages of the 3T training pants. That's a great price! I just placed my first order, and I am so glad I won't have to go back to diapers with chlorine in them. Thanks, again, Seventh Generation!
steforei picture
We started using these diapers about 18 months ago on our son. My kids have sensitive skin and could never use Pampers. Huggies was the only "name brand" that did not cause blisters and bleeding. When I realized that traditional diapers used chlorine, I knew I needed an alternative. Thank goodness for Seventh Generation. I found the best prices and the most convenience using Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. That way I never ran out of these awesome diapers. My son is getting ready to potty train and I was so excited to learn from another comment here that Seventh Generation makes Training Pants. Sadly, I have not seen these in my local stores and I just checked Amazon. The prices on the Training pants at Amazon are insanely high ($41.99 for one package) so I will be anxiously waiting for a reasonable sale. I don't want to go back to a chemical-laden diaper on my son while he potty trains. Safe options like Seventh Generation need to be widely available at a reasonable price so concerned parents can make the best purchase for their families. Thanks, Seventh Generation!
rembarox picture
I had been useing other name brands for about 6 months, I kept switching brands trying to find one that didn't bother my son. One leaked all the time, some didn't stretch enough for a mover and shaker, and others bothered his skin. We switched to 7th generation and never looked back. These diapers do seem to run a little small, but other wise it is the best diaper out there for my son. He has a dry bottom, dry clothes, and no diaper rash. I tell all my mommy friends to try them. Plus it feels really good to know that we are a little more eco friendly. ~Amber and Ollie
juliag.14@gmail.com picture
I've been using 7th Generation diapers since my daughter was about 3 months old. I switched when I noticed the tiny clear balls that are sometimes left behind with traditional diapers. I did some research and learned about the chemicals that are used in diaper production. Well, that was enough for me, I switched right away! My daughter is now 15 months and walking. I've never had a problem with leaking, even through the crawling stage. The 7th Generations diapers keep her dry as well. ~Jules
My poor little guy also had a nasty rash on his bum that no cream could get rid of. He was out of diapers by 22 months, but we still used training pants at night (which we called "nightime undies" to encourage the big boy mentality), just in case. The rash got better during the day, but would reappear each morning. Within 2 days of switching to SG the rash was GONE! I feel so horrible for not realizing the solution earlier. The hard part was finding the training pants anywhere near us. A few grocery stores carry the diapers, but not the training pants. So my husband would buy them at the Whole Foods near his office in Manhattan and bus them home the hour and a half. Our little guy, and the training pants, were worth it! -Jen
greenjeans0622@aol.com picture
Cloth Diapers all the Way! Never have to go out and buy any and never run out in the middle of the night!
deadlycurlz05 picture
I switched to seventh generation after being a LOYAL Pampers customer. I was pretty satisfied using Pampers swaddlers until my daughter grew out of them and we transitioned to the Cruisers with Dry Max. Half way through my first box, a minor irritation turned into a blistering rash. By this time, news of the Cruisers causing diaper rash had spread. I heard from other moms on message boards and Facebook that pampers was denying the whole thing. I knew I wasn't going to get much from them, except for more coupons for their diapers, and felt pretty angry. Instead, P&G became one more irresponsible company (like J&J with their 3rd tylenol recall) added to my boycott list. As a satisfied customer of your cleaning products, I decided I'd give your diapers a try. So I went onto Amazon.com, bought the largest box of size 3 diapers I could find, and dumped the Pampers. The package came to my door on Friday and Sunday morning we were going on a 12 hour car trip! Yikes! I imagined a screaming child, a dirty/smelly carseat and really frazzled parents. But, since I love to live on the edge, I packed the diapers anyway and headed on vacation... It's been a month since we began using Seventh Generation diapers and my daughter has yet to experience any irritation on her private parts, not one blow out, and not even one leaky diaper. I only wish I would have trusted my instincts from the beginning and started her on Seventh Generation. Live and learn, I guess. From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank Seventh Generation for creating such a great product. My family and I are so grateful that we can't stop raving about these diapers to all our expectant friends & family. If I ever have another child, the only disposable diaper that will ever touch him will be Seventh Generation.
lilamy659 picture
I switched last summer because our son had a diaper rash that wouldn't go away and our doctor recommended your brand. 2 days later the rash was gone. We believe the dye or the chemicals in their diapers "burned" our son. We used a store brand diaper just to try this spring and the rash came back. So I guess you guys have won my heart. I just wish I could find them someplace besides Toys R Us. They never keep a good quantity in stock so I have to go back every week to get a new pack.
Sophie Watson picture
Sophie Watson
I love these diapers when I had my son who is now 2, eveyone was telling us to use Huggies/Pampers etc....and for my shower gifts we got all kinds of Huggies and Pampers and I thought this was great. As we were using them I thought these diapers aren't as great as everyone say's they are they leak, they would have a smell to them, some of the diapers were scented and who give my son a small rash, untill one day when I was shopping at a local enviormental shop I saw these diapers and a saw a mom with her baby pick up a pack and I had asked about them and we got talking and she was telling me about the chemicals in the other brands and how they can cause problems. She said how great Seventh Generation is so I decided to try them and my husband and I LOVE them, they hold up well, don't leak, and no scent to them. As well as I LOVE the Seventh Generation wipes too!! I just wish someone had told me earler.
heatherlwells picture
I didn't know there was another diaper - 7th Generation has taken us from newborn to potty trsining!
michele21 picture
Shortly after my daughter turned one, she developed a horrible diaper rash, so bad that it was pussing, bleeding and she was in obvious discomfort. She hadn't eaten anything new, so I couldn't figure out what caused this. I started researching. In the meantime, I went to her pediatrician in hopes they would be able to help. WRONG! A prescription was given to her, which in turn ended up burning her little booty, much like a sunburn. Poor little girl. I was so sad for her. She screamed when it was time to change her diaper. I soon realized that the Pampers diapers we were using had chlorine in them. WHO KNEW!?!?! (I didn't know any better...thinking brand name, that's what pediatricians recommend, blah blah blah) Come to find out chlorine diapers in landfills are so bad for the environment. I found Seventh Generation diapers...and fell in love!! They fit so well on my girls! And I can't tell you how happy I am knowing there are no chemicals on their sweet little booties. I highly recommend them to all my friends and often include a pack of newborn diapers in my gift to new moms. :) Thank you Seventh Generation!!!
christy1981 picture
I do like these diapers. I used cloth on my baby until he got bad diaper rash and I had to switch to moisture wicking disposibles. The diapers don't smell funny and they are soft. The only thing bad I can say about these diapers is they may run small for hefty babies. My son is 5 months old, weighs 19 lbs. and is built like a linebacker. The size 3 barely fits him. Besides this, I really like the diaper and the products Seventh Generation makes.
shanje picture
A friend bought us a pack for our new baby and we loved them. All of our kids have been Pampers babies; every other diaper we tried would give them diaper rash. Now that we know our local supermarket sells them, that is all we plan to buy. Now we just have to find the training pants for our toddler.
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We switched before all the recent issues with Pampers hit the mainstream news. We had been using Pampers since our daughter was born in January simply because we didn't know any better. I had liked them but noticed we were getting a lot of leaks and I actually thought that was normal. Silly first time mom. As I started doing my research I started to understand what I was putting on my daughter and it frightened me. I pride myself is trying to be chemical free in our household. I have a sensitivity to chemicals myself so we don't use them in cleaning products or clothing detergent. So why I didn't think my daughter would too, I don't know. Luckily she never had a major reaction but I was still very uncomfortable using them. Then the "new & improved" Pampers came out and I disliked them even more. They leaked more, they smelled weird. I just hated them. Come to find out Pampers had been slipping the new diapers in older packs so you really had no idea what you were putting on your child. I felt that was just so underhanded and deceitful. So I went out and did my research and found Seventh Generation. We tested them and I was so pleasantly surprised. They NEVER leak for us. I think they are more absorbent than the Pampers we were using, even more than their "new & improved". There is no nauseating chemical smell and I feel comfortable knowing exactly what I'm putting on my baby's skin since Seventh Generation actually tells you what is in the diaper, unlike the other brands. The cost for them is also fantastic. I did a price breakdown when doing my research and Seventh Generation was about 1 cent more per diaper than the big brands (based on prices from Amazon.com). I love them and we are never using another diaper. I'm so glad I found these when I did. Our daughter has been in them for about a month now (she's 4 months old now) and I can't thank Seventh Generation enough. -Michele