Happy Earth Day! (Here’s To the Only Planet We’ve Got…) | Seventh Generation
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Happy Earth Day! (Here’s To the Only Planet We’ve Got…)

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Author: the Inkslinger

It’s Earth Day. That annual rite of spring where everyone becomes an environmentalist for at least a moment or two. For those of us who prefer to wear the label year-round (and increasingly that’s most of us), it’s a fitting occasion to pause for a moment, get out the imaginary camera, and take a virtual snapshot of sorts of today’s moment in time.

Such photos can tell us more than might be thought. For the big picture itself can often be found hiding in the details that the smaller image captures. So as we open the shutter and capture the light, what does our Earth Day photo say? That people are talking. People are thinking. People are acting. Awareness is reaching critical mass. That, above all else, is the reason to celebrate. Change is arriving. Here are the latest clues:

Let’s begin with a simple question: Why Earth Day? Here are a million wonderful, beautiful, magnificent, miraculous reasons you won’t find anywhere else. And that’s literally only about the half of it.

Weird weather? Melting mountains? Perspiring permafrost? Soaring sea levels? Color me officially concerned. Which is why it’s heartening to find our fellow Americans at last waking up and smelling the climatological coffee.

Business travel may make the world go ‘round, but it’s also making it go warm. Which is why it’s good to see this new 10-step program provide a whole new meaning to the term “deplaning.”

This wasn’t exactly on my list of humungous problems, but still, it’s nice to know that we can now search the internets without searing the planet. (You don’t even need the Google…)

It’s tough being a kid what with all these chemicals floating around in our air, soil, food, and water. A new report shows just exactly why. A good summary of a an issue that is on my list of humungous problems.

After we pull our own Constitution out of the shredder and tape it back together, this nearly perfect idea would certainly help make up for lost time and lost opportunities.

Who says overconsumption can’t be a beautiful thing? In the right hands it’s a work of art that opens our eyes in all kinds of ways.

The view of Earth from Mars.