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Happily Branded For Life

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Author: Seventh Generation

We all have favorite brands, those companies and products for which we accept no substitutes. Now a marketing firm has set out to see if it can find the most popular brands around the world. According to a November survey of thousands of consumers by the marketing firm Clear, these are the top most desired brands in the entire United States:

  1. Trader Joe's
  2. Seventh Generation
  3. PlayStation
  4. Disney
  5. BMW

Thanks, America. It's great when a brand that wants to Protect Planet Home gets noticed. If we're the number two most desired brand in the U.S., can a better world be far behind?


chrisndan0202 picture
Rock on 7th Gen!!!!!!!!! I started out buying whatever "green" cleaning products I saw... until I heard about 7th Gen. And an I glad that I did! They are now, almost exclusively, the only ones I use. I've sent in a few suggestions for things missing from their line-up and hopefully one day I can say that I'm 100%. Way to go!!