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Halloween Aftermath: The Wicked Spell of the Goody Bag

Author: robin

What's the worst thing about Halloween? Leftover candy. Maybe not as fiendish as the "gift" of artisanal potato chips that my friend Gwen showed up with the other day, but still way up there in the Pantheon of Food Shame. Those bite-sized pieces lull you into caloric denial -- how bad can one be? Probably not so bad at all, if you could stop at one. Which, of course, I can't.

Yesterday, as the discarded mini-boxes and wrappers built themselves into pyre-sized proportion on my kitchen table, the roof of my mouth rebelled in sugar shock but still I kept going. Just one more, I thought, they're so tiny. About 300 million calories later, the spell was broken by the bite of a very stale malted milk ball. But still a bit possessed, I picked up the rest of the leftovers -- amazingly there were more than a couple -- and placed them in a sack. I marched directly to the doorstep of a neighbor who'd been out of town on Halloween. It's only fair, I thought. The day after Thanksgiving last year she left three-quarters of a pumpkin pie outside my door, rang the doorbell and ran.

What do you do with your extra Halloween candy?

photo: mateoutah


Corey Colwell-Lipson picture
Corey Colwell-Lipson
www.GreenHalloween.org did a post on this exact topic! 1. Donating to troops 2. Composting candy (save the wrappers to make cool stuff) 3. Candy science experiments. Here's the post with details: http://greenhalloween.org/blog/?p=1427 Enjoy!
amrous picture
After witholding hard candies and candies that would be interesting for building a candy house for Christmas, the troops get the rest.
heavenly35 picture
I am sending left-over candy to Uganda for the children that literally have nothing for holidays. I am actually sending other things too but ALL the candy is going also
Ludicrous Mama picture
Ludicrous Mama
My favorite suggestion is to donate it to the troops. But food banks take it too. Otherwise, here's a fun blog post with ideas, links to other ideas and candy shelf-lifes! http://bitingmyhand.blogspot.com/2010/10/are-you-really-going-to-eat-all-that.html