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Greenpeace to Kleenex: Blow On This

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Author: the Inkslinger

This is funny (unless you're a tree)… A week ago, deforestating tissue-maker Kimberly Clark was in New York’s Times Square filming interviews with passing pedestrians for their new "Let It Out" Kleenex ad campaign. The idea is that people are supposed to tell Kleenex about something that upsets them, tear up over it, and reach for the tissues.

Greenpeace's idea was to secretly equip members of its Frontline street canvas program with hidden microphones and send them in to infiltrate the interviews and talk about what makes them cry, namely Kimberly Clark’s perversely twisted practice of hacking ancient boreal forests to smithereens so it can make an easy buck selling tissues made from cheap (but also priceless) wood pulp.

This is culture jamming at its finest…