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A "Greene" Home Makeover

Author: the Inkslinger

Giving your home a makeover where it counts is a lot easier than many people think -- it's the small changes that make a big difference. Real Savvy Moms has made a new video in which noted pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene shows the Brandt family how to keep their littlest ones safe and healthy without breaking a sweat or busting the bank.


mmiliman picture
This video is missing the MAJOR toxin in most households: the scented detergents and the truly killer chemicals in dryer sheets and fabric softener. People are marinating their families in toxic chemicals by using toxic detergents, especially when the Febreze, Bounce, or Downy are included in the detergent, not just applied in the dryer. ALL homes must stop using scented, toxic laundry products and buy Seventh Generation or one of the other brands of safe laundry products, for the sake of their own families and family in the neighborhood who are being "gassed" by chemical fumes coming from dryer vents!
FlamingJune picture
We love 7th Gen products (obviously, I suppose!), have read Dr. Greene's book "Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care" and regularly use his website. All that being said, this short film only focuses on 7th Gen products. We found some wonderful diapers from Nature Babycare that are also chlorine free, have no oil-based plastics, and are partly biodegradable. They also work really well in our experience - no leaks, no diaper rash for our son - and I felt like they should be mentioned. Thanks for all the information and the great products.