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Good Magazine


As a subscriber to far to many magazines already, I approach the decision to add something else to my mailbox with great caution. Caution for the environmental impact as well as the emotional distress that comes with not be able to keep up with everything I already get. Even so, I have to say that the second issue of Good magazine was impressive.

While I get most of my “green” news & lifestyle information electronically from great sources like Treehugger and Environmental Health News, I was very impressed with Good. It was filled with important information that quite often I hadn’t seen anywhere else! 100% of the subscription price of $20 is donated to a non-profit organization?a financial decision that I can’t figure out how they can afford but is nonetheless an exceptionally bold move.

I do have one beef: They should tell their advertiser SVEDKA vodka (the so-called “future of adult entertainment?”) that using more ice when they drink may be safer (which they don’t say) but will not help you do your part to end global warming (which they do say) because it takes energy and thus CO2 production to make ice! Unless, of course, you live in Vermont and can make it on your doorstep…