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Go Outside!

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I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but being here has definitely changed me. It's more than the learning and it's more than the experience. I feel moved. Moved to a new place. I am moved to a greater connection with this earth, moved toward a greater appreciation of all things in nature, moved to get out of the 'burbs, moved to convince the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival to compost their trash next year, moved to buy more organic, moved to remove plastic from our house, moved to get my daughters outside every day, and so much more.

I am overhwelmed with possibilities and yet, I am part of a whole ecosystem. A system that includes my family, my co-workers, my friends. How do I move them? Will they think me a freak? How can I take this feeling of passion and gratitude, bring it home, and make it real?

Tonight is the last night and we've worked as groups developing proposals to show where in nature we can learn to solve many of the world's issues. We've found out where to look in nature to put scent in water, reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, make biodegradable polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene, filter contaminants from water, and recover waste heat from an aluminum smelting process.

If I learned anything this week, it was "Go OUTSIDE!" Dayna and Janine said it early and and they said it often. The group Daron and I worked with did our best work when we got up and took a walk (SERIOUSLY!). And so, we travel home tomorrow, smarter and so much richer for the experience. And Friday? I'll see you outside.