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Give Your Food a (Clean) Hand

Author: RealMomofNJ

Last week, I went to a friend's for dinner. We chatted as she began cooking, and she mentioned how she goes out of her way to buy organic and all-natural foods because she believes you can really taste a difference. "Also," she added, "there are enough chemicals in the world. I don't need extra in my food." And then she washed her hands. With a toxins-laden, artificially scented, fluorescent-colored hand soap.

Strange, right? You would think that someone who spends a considerable amount of money on organic and natural foods would handle them in an organic way. I had to ask about it. “Why don't you use a hand soap made with natural ingredients?” She paused for a moment. "You know," she finally answered, "I never thought about it! This is the soap I've always used. . . it never occurred to me that it wasn't natural. I guess it kind of defeats the point of the organic foods if my hands are covered in chemicals, huh?" I nodded a lot, then added that she should consider a natural handwash even if she was handling conventional produce and meats.

She asked me which hand soap I use, and I told her that I recently bought a bottle of the new unscented Seventh Generation hand soap. I told her I loved it not only because of its natural ingredients, but because it lacks an overwhelming flowery or fruity smell (for those who prefer scented products, Seventh Generation makes a naturally scented citrus version). Maybe I'll get her a bottle for her holiday dinner, so her all-natural, antibiotic-free, free-range turkey stays as pristine as possible.

What cleaning products do you use when you prepare organic or conventional foods?


coalmiba picture
I use ONEGroup products from They make an AMAZING probiotic cleaner. They also have hand soap and dish soap. I make my own "windex" and dust solution from kitchen items (vinegar, dish soap, etc) For everything else I use Seventh Gen, they make great wipes, toilet cleaner, etc.
avullo22 picture
I use Seventh Generation dish soap and Dr. Bronners castile soap for washing my hands. Now if only I wasn't washing my hands with water full of chlorine and floride. I wiould like to see some nice sink and shower water filters on here someday. Did you know you can use vitamin C to filter chlorine?
bbott picture
I just found the Seventh Generation hand soap at my local store. I had to buy a bunch and replace all my soap in my house. I love using Seventh Generation for laundry and cleaning, so hand soap was a natural progression for me. Before this, I had bought Method hand soap.