Get a Free Scrapbook When You Purchase 3 Specially-Marked Packs of Diapers, Training Pants, or Overnight Diapers! | Seventh Generation
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Get a Free Scrapbook When You Purchase 3 Specially-Marked Packs of Diapers, Training Pants, or Overnight Diapers!

Author: Seventh Generation

Chances are, you've seen our favorite fuzzy little orange guy and his stamp of approval on Seventh Generation packages and products. Like Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, we're dedicated to "speaking for the trees" and leading the Seventh Generation nation to a cleaner and greener future. The Lorax's message is so closely aligned with our mission, in fact, that we've partnered with NBC Universal in the cinematic debut of Dr. Seuss's The LORAX, coming to theaters March 2, 2012.  

We want you to be a part of the excitement too!  Between February 1 and May 25, when you purchase 3 specially-marked packages of Diapers, Training Pants, and/or Overnight Diapers, you can receive a FREE scrapbook!  Just take the sticker off the specially-marked pack, go to, register or log into your account, then submit the code found on the sticker. Submit 3 unique codes (one at a time or all at once), click Redeem, enter your U.S. address, and VOILA! You'll receive your FREE scrapbook in 6-8 weeks.

For all the details on getting your FREE Scrapbook, visit

Some details on the Scrapbook:

  • Paper and cover are 100% recycled content
  • Spirals are 97% recycled
  • Made in the USA
  • We worked with a local vendor, Select Design, to support local Vermont businesses

The movie Dr. Seuss' The Lorax © 2012 Universal Studios. Based on The Lorax book and characters ™ & © 1971 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.  All Rights Reserved.


SarahT picture
Hi Tif_A and melydec, I apologize for the inconvenience. Your complaints helped us track down a bug in the application, and we fixed it late last night (or was it early early this morning?). In any case, I tested and everything will work fine for you now. Go to, and click on the "Enter Codes Now" button. Holler if you have any further questions. Enjoy! --SarahT
melydec picture
Click to enter code and it redirects me to Seventh Generation main page
Tif_A picture
I've already written an email to your site, I'm very frustrated that the LoraxBaby code page does not work, seems not to exist! I've tried over and over again, and everytime it takes me to a general Seventh Generation page... Yes I am a member, I've been buying your diapers exclusively for 9 months, yet, I can't enter a code. sincerely, VERY FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER