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Future plans…

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1.My goal is to get down to 100 kW usage a month by conventional means. I hope to incorporate solar photo-voltaic and small wind turbines for lighting from batteries at some point.

2. Shaving Deb’s head – if we do this soon, we’ll save a polar bear a month by eliminating the hair dryer and styling wand thingamajig.

3. Get rid of the TV, because there’s nothing on anyway.

4. Purchase a vehicle that gets 100+ mpg.

5. Make a still – that Irish whiskey will be missed by all!

6. Adding a solar outdoor shower stall.

7. Putting a downspout tank for collecting rainwater for gardening, etc.

8. Wood fired oven in the kitchen.

9. Vacation locally – so many places I haven’t seen that are right in our backyard. Why are we flying to Cozumel and creating 16 tons of CO2 for each trip?

10. Making a serious effort to buy or grow food locally. I’m going to miss escargot!