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Full Speculum... er, Spectrum

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Cross-posted on Tampontification.com on 10.20.06:

Today, we ventured to a crossover store, Central Market in Mill Creek and then onto PCC, a co-op in Fremont. From these two locations, we readily deduced that the vibe of Seattle’s markets is entirely widespread. Some say that towns have a feel or that you can guess a certain area or classify a neighborhood. We Mission Fairies are here to attest that after chatting tampons today with the city’s finest, there is no one Seattlite that exists; au contraire, this urban dweller is as positively diverse as could be - - and that is a great thing.

Lucky for us, people are open to chat and share their most personal moments in humorous, anecdotal and often tender ways. Comments and questions today ran from, “How do I clean my Diva Cup?” to “Sometimes I am so dry I practically need a lubricant to get these things up there,” onto “Let’s just say out loud, I don’t have a uterus”…and back to…...“Trust me, it’s not for fear of touching myself.” Our personal favorite, “I remember the old Kotex; it was on a stick, like a tampon-o-pop.”

One universal amongst the masses, was that men and women alike were appreciative, mostly ecstatic about a new healthier option in the feminine aisle and darn it, there are some suave dressers in these parts!