Friday Friday and the climb up Camel's Hump | Seventh Generation
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Friday Friday and the climb up Camel's Hump

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Camel's Hump VT State Park is one
of the more pronounced mountain tops in the Northern Vermont Green Mountains, and we 7th Geners
(people from the marketing, consumer relations and corporate consciousness departments) flowed
to the mountain today - to climb, to talk, to resonate, to find relevance, to practice our biomimicing for future products,
to thought-explore the way-out future, and to find one another in the acting of nature...

The discussions were shallow and deep and local and global and scared and happy and beating
the beat of our breaths and the nature flowing in and out of our consciousness.

It is amazing how much can be found out of the habit of just doing the office-work-meeting maze...

Goodtime for All...Happy weekend.