Floating Through the Jungle Primeval | Seventh Generation
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Floating Through the Jungle Primeval

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Author: Gregor

Sorry we couldn't post until now. We were hoping to get an audio log entry out last night, but as you can imagine, 20th century communications are a spotty proposition in a place as far removed from the beaten path as the Amazon basin.

We had perhaps the most incredible day yesterday that it's possible to have in this life. Like Marlow in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, we have gone far upriver into a world you can't imagine unless your own eyes take it in. Extraordinary sights and sounds met us around every bend in the river. This is a place primeval, a realm of deep and unfathomable beauty nature has taken millions of years to create. We have never seen or experienced anything even remotely like it.

That this riotous crucible of life is profoundly precious is a dramatic understatement. So it is that we were heartened by the other half of our experiences these past 24 hours: our encounters with Greenpeace projects and the people who are working with unwavering dedication to preserve the Amazon rainforest and make sure that it forever remains a place of wonder.

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