The Fix Is In: Tire Burn Fires Up, Fouls Air | Seventh Generation
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The Fix Is In: Tire Burn Fires Up, Fouls Air

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Author: the Inkslinger

So they’re burning tires now at the International Paper plant across the lake. Giant piles of petrochemical compounds going up in toxic smoke that’s going up into our air. Lovely. I’m sure we’re all very excited about the prospect of reduced lung functioning. Let’s all put on haz-mat suits and grill up some particulate-coated veggie burgers to celebrate.

Seriously though… the tire burn is now underway without any meaningful pollution controls. Late yesterday, an interesting bulletin came over the wires. Foes of the tire burn have been talking to Sierra Club Incineration Expert, Dr. Neil Carman about the issue and his response to International Paper’s statements is worth noting. There’s a lot of weird science involved, but the main idea seems to be, frankly, that the company is full of it. They’re scamming the public to save a few bucks. According to Dr. Carman (who I’m much more inclined to believe), IP is lying (and knows it) about several key points they’ve made in defense of their lack of pollution controls for the so-called “test burn.” I’ve put Dr. Carman’s response here. It’s quite revealing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go change the filters on the air ducts in the family bunker…