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Finding Peace


I am a pretty obsessive do-er. Waiting at the airport, in the car if I’m not driving, when I wake up, and before I go to sleep, I read. The computer on my desk (this one, in fact ) is like a magnetic force that draws me to it whenever it catches my eye. The phone does the same thing. (And it’s worse now that I have a new i-Phone but more on that some another time). So does the radio, which I prefer over the TV.

But somehow, when I am at the beach, it is effortless to do nothing but stare out across the waves into the sea. Or to lie down curled up in the warm sand and sleep. Or to walk with no destination or purpose.

There is a magical force for me that being near the ocean never fails to provide. A force that draws me to it whenever I am near. For endless hours, I can sit and stare. Sit, and sit and sit some more.