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Fast Company Zeroes in on the Eco-Benefits of Seventh Generation's 4X Bottle

Author: Seventh Generation

We’re thrilled to see Seventh Generation's Natural 4X Laundry Detergent bottle get the attention it deserves! Fast Company magazine applauds our new direction and graphically compares the life cycle of the eco-friendly, cardboard bottle to that of an ordinary recycled  plastic container.

The article offers an eye-opening look at the resources saved and waste avoided throughout the supply chain, not to mention the significantly higher likelihood of consumers actually recycling the 4x cardboard bottle.

Which is exactly what we had in mind when we designed it.  View the entire Fast Company article here.


denelle444 picture
I love, love, love this product! I already loved Seventh Generation laundry soap (and many other Seventh Generation products as well) but I always felt bad putting that big plastic bottle in the trash. (Recycling is not available for those in my area) But with the 4X packaging I can recycle all the pieces! I have honestly never been so pleased with a laundry soap purchase as I am with 4X. My only complaint is that it is not available in more stores. I am hopeful that will change soon!
jezzle83 picture
I received some samples of the new detergent. Love the smell and product. Its hard to find in my area though
mpjacob picture
I had noticed that, thanks. We are a subtle-scent-loving family, though, and I went back to the bergamot citrus. I just wish the scented products were universally nut free--I worry about enough with a food allergy in the family (food, personal care products, etc), I really didn't want to add detergent to the list, especially from a company that I've trusted and relied on and been a voluntary promoter of for years.
Consumer Insights Team picture
Consumer Insights Team
@mpjacob- Only the scented version of the 4X laundry Detergent has Almond Oil in it. It is used as a carrier for the scent. There are no nuts oils in the Free and Clear version. I hope that this is helpful to you! Thanks for your feedback.
mpjacob picture
I was so excited to use this new bottle that I went out of my way to a store I've never been to before. Unfortunately, when I read the ingredients I was disappointed to find that it contains nut oils. Since we have a nut allergy in our house, I can't use it. Please remove the nut oils from your products--I use them all (well, we've outgrown diapers, but I do use the wipes), and I don't want to replace (or worry about) any.
rachiti picture
I hope other companies will follow your lead. Of course, yours is the preferred brand - but since some still refuse to open their eyes to the impact of their actions - just the reduction of oil consumption would be a wonderful thing. As for the 4x concentration, not only is this wonderful eco news but it's also great for anyone who uses a laundromat or other laundry facility where one has to bring his/her own laundry products - since smaller/lighter is always good. I'll be on the lookout for this the next time I'm out shopping.
sef78 picture
nanr42, We do use a cardboard outer shell surrounding a plastic bag on the inside. This is not perfect but this new design helps to reduce the plastic by over 60% of a traditional bottle. This is comparing bottle to bottle and not taking into consideration the savings of using a more concentrated formula. The cardboard outer shell is recyclable and/or compostable, with the inner plastic bag and spout also being recyclable. I encourage you to give this a shot, the detergent works very well. Sefton Customer Service
nanr42 picture
From what I could tell looking at it at the store, it looked like there was a cardboard outer shell around an inner plastic bottle. I'll go look again, but it seemed phoney to me. If I"m wrong, please tell me.
davidhowell1 picture
I not only applaud the next bottle design, but also the 4X laundry detergent. Such a huge savings in plastic, oil, and fuel required to carry the larger bottle. A good overall reduction in the packaging could only have been accomplished by making the laundry detergent into the 4X format. I would definitely like to see the fabric softener and non-chlorine bleach made more concentrated. Thanks David