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From the EXPO West Floor


Here is some more "speak" from Sarah A. from the floor of EXPO West at our new scent bar. That is Eva-Marie Lind from EM Studios Arome-Sensory Arts & Design Studio letting EXPOinians smell the new scents.

Wow, wow, wow. The booth has been packed for most of the day, and tomorrow is the busy day! Reactions to the scents are top-notch - the story of scents and their part in creating a living home, an experience, of designing scents for the way people live in their homes - it really resonates with people. They get it. And they love the scents.

Brokers have been bringing customers by all day, and I’m sure it will continue. Someone told me that one broker was meeting a customer at our booth at 10:15 to start their day at the show. That they said starting the day at Sevneth Gen would set the bar for the rest of the companies at the show that they would be visiting.

Can’t wait to hear more feedback from the rest of the team about the experience, the new home away from home, the product, the vast amounts of information that we’ve tried to arm everyone with.