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Every Body Loves Organic

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Author: the Inkslinger

There’s been a quiet controversy simmering for a bunch of years now about whether or not organic food is nutritionally better for us than conventional food. We know it’s healthier than conventional food where contaminants are concerned. There’s no debate, for example, about whether or not people eating organic food have to worry about weird hormones in their cheese or pesticide residues on their peaches. They don’t. But what about what’s inside organic foods? What about the vitamins and minerals and the other things that make food healthy in the first place? Is there more of the good stuff in organic food?

A bunch of studies have hinted that, yes, there is. But these research efforts generally haven’t been very big or they’ve only looked at certain nutrients or they’ve had some other issue that allowed Big Agricultural to always say, ‘Yeah, but…” and cast enough doubt on the evidence to maintain the status quo.

That may not last much longer. A new study in England, a big, comprehensive, hard-to-refute new study, has found that organic food is not only healthier for you, it’s much healthier for you.

It’s what we’ve all always strongly suspected, but it’s good to get some real solid proof on the table. Unless you’re in conventional agribusiness. Then you’re not so happy. In fact, you’re probably terrified. Because if this study holds up to scrutiny and the news spreads, conventional food and the wildly broken, chemically-intensive system that propagates it are going to be a whole lot closer to toast. What mother in the world isn’t going to reach for organic milk when she hears that it contains 50-80% more nutrients than conventional milk? None that I know. And when enough mothers reach for enough organics the tipping point comes and conventional foods fade away. Not completely, but a study like this certainly pushes us a good deal closer to the day when organics are simply what there is at the store.