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Eating Organic For Three Years

Author: MeghanB

Dr Greene Goes OrganicOne of our favorite doctors, Dr. Alan Greene, a practicing pediatrician, renowned authority on family health issues, and a partner to Seventh Generation, has done the close-to-impossible. He's spent the last three years eating entirely organic food -- sometimes going hungry for lack of options.

Most remarkable is his motivation for the adventure, as documented in The New York Times: Dr. Greene wondered if becoming 100 percent organic might improve his own health -- as it is shown to do for livestock -- and settled on a three-year goal because that's how long it takes for livestock to be certified organic by the Department of Agriculture.

His insights are particularly inspiring and applicable to anyone interested in transitioning to an organic diet or well on their way. I know next time Little Martha Stewart, here, is in the grocery store, I'll put my pretty pennies toward the healthier organic options.

Happy eating!