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Eat Your Way to a Cooler World

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Author: the Inkslinger

Go Green Get LeanSummer's here, and with it a bounty of fresh food from nearby gardens and farms. It's a delectable time of year in every way.

It's also a good time to understand why the foods choices we make have an enormous effect on the world around us -- an impact that's actually larger than the one we typically create by driving our cars.

Lately, we've been thinking a lot about our diets' carbon footprint and checking out some great new books on the subject.

We thought we'd share their wisdom in this look at a few of our favorites.


BCarrierJones picture
I was very sorry to see omitted from this list of favorites Barbara Kingsglover's "<a href="" target="_blank">Animal, Vegetable, Miracle</a>." I also enjoyed Michael Pollan's "<a href="" target="_blank">The Omnivore's Dilemma</a>." Both are excellent titles for looking at our food industry, the organic industrial farming scheme, local food and biodiversity, and etc. Check them out, please.