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Do You Know the Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

Author: sheila.B

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Seventh Generation wants to help women better understand the signs and symptoms associated with the disease. (For more information, visit Since we started our second annual campaign on September 1st, more than 1,000 people have joined the cause. I have also heard many stories from people who have struggled with the disease or who have lost loved ones to it. Today I met with a group of colleagues who lost a beloved friend to the disease. I read your stories of heartbreak and support as you engage with Seventh Generation online. We hear you when you call with gratitude. The fact that most cases of ovarian cancer are not caught until the cancer is advanced creates a sense of urgency that we cannot afford to ignore. One woman with ovarian cancer is one too many.

Help us help women: For every person who shares their email address, Seventh Generation will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF), up to $10,000. The donation will be used specifically for OCRF's programs supporting women bravely fighting this disease.

Please help us reach our goal and help our sisters in their fight against this deadly disease. We all depend on one another. Please also share this with your family and friends.



OscarOzzie picture
Good luck trying to get a doctor to believe that the symptoms may be ovarian cancer and you should be tested. That's the problem.....we are given all of this info: signs, symptoms, etc. but you can't find a doctor who will actually listen and send you for testing. I've has 2 doctors scoff at the idea that my symptoms may be ovarian cancer!
shop2010 picture
My mother was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. She was complaining about a year to her doctors but they kept telling her it was gas and to take Tums. Finally her pulmonary doctor ordered a CT scan. That is how we found the tumor about 10lbs her CA 125 was not chartable so high, Currently her numbers are down to 229. But good doctors and caring staff helped her to reach this goal. My take on this always seek another answer or doctor and not just believe what they say all the time. You know your body stay in tune
ahaller0929 picture
There is also a fundraiser going on called "Teal Toes" for the month of September. Basically you can go to their website and find a participating salon and ask for a pedi or mani or both in teal polish. They will donate a portion to Ovarian cancer. I had to do it myself in my area, but they have a list of nail polishes you can buy that will donate to the cause. Here's the link
hi picture
Talc (talcum powder) IS linked to ovarian cancer please avoid it if you can (google if you need info)
slstultz picture
I am post-menopausal and my doc recently ordered an interesting test. I didn't know that by running a Serum (Blood) HCG test, usually used to confirm pregnancy, if your score is high and you're NOT pregnant it can denote that you may have a tumor that causes certain types of ovarian or testicular cancer.
Seventh Generation picture
Seventh Generation
Hi there, thanks so much for your interest and this topic and inquiring further. Our apologies for not being more clear. We invite you to learn more about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer from our partner, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund: Signs:
nancync picture
I too clicked the link thinking there would be some direct information pertaining to the signs of ovarian cancer, but instead it's just about raising money for the cause. While I have nothing against that, the title was misleading and no further link provided for the lead in the title gave. I think a link should be added to where people can find what your title suggests they would.
winds4sw picture
So what are the signs - don't make me hunt for the information if you title the article in a way that I think I'm going to learn. Furthermore - why not post a link directly to a site that has the warning signs if you aren't going to put it into the post.