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Do You Buy Seventh Generation Online? Can You Help Us Spread the Word?

Author: Seventh Generation

If you buy Seventh Generation products online, we'd really appreciate it if you could write a review on any of these etailer sites:,,,,,, or the websites of any other etailers you buy from.

Thank you in advance -- reviews from Seventh Generation fans help spread the word about why consumers should buy our safe and effective products!


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knkmoran picture
I frequently purchase Seventh Generation products from the website. They carry many of the products at competitive prices. But the BEST part is they have a flat-rate ship charge of just $4.99(continental US) - no matter how many items! I would easily spend that(or more) driving to different stores to find my items. Another thing I like about this website is that any liquid item I have purchased has either been shrink-wrapped(smaller containers) or the lid securely taped, so no spills or leaking during shipment. My order usually arrives quickly & customer service has been very good. I am a regular customer and I love the Seventh Generation products!
amanda77kr picture
Just ordered a box each of detergent and fabric softener (which is extremely difficult to find where I live), and several cleaners. Got some paper towels, too. The prices are more or less the same as the ones in the stores, and shipping is cheap. Saves me a trip to the store, and I stock up when I order. Online ordering is a time saver and great for those of us who otherwise forget to run our errands - I can shop at 1am or during lunch break. When factoring in shipping, it's much cheaper to order through 7Gen than through Amazon. I love Amazon and they have a stake in my income, but for 7Gen I've learned to go straight to their store. The Consumer Link, the online store service manager, has terrible customer service - I've asked several questions and never gotten a useful answer - but they always ship on time and have never had a problem receiving all those boxes of liquid items.