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Dish Liquid Samples Giveaway

Author: Seventh Generation

To celebrate the natural scents in our outstanding Dish Liquid, we are giving away dish liquid samples (0.4-ounce) during the month of October! Click here to request a sample (through Facebook) and get one for you and a few to give to friends. Sampling is done on a first come, first serve basis and while supplies last.

And remember to enter our Nature Makes Perfect Scents sweepstakes to win a trip to France or Italy!


beak123 picture
I'm waiting to try some of these products.
Oldermom90 picture
I only use my htc for facebook. It would not give me them free sample form. I'm very disappointed. I really wanted them free and clear sample. It's all I can use.
shanna31 picture
I appreciate my provacy- so I'm with the crowd here that one should not have to join social media to get samples and/or coupons. Not everyone is interested in making their life public. Hopefully. Seventh Generation - you are listening!
cnickolaus picture
This is a bait and switch offer. I am not interested in social media.This conditional offer disturbs me and lessens the integrity of 7th Generation.
flyingjen picture
I am a FB user but by the time I got on to get my free samples there were none left. Disappointed.
spring1468 picture
I understand why you want your fans to join Facebook and I think it is a good idea as well as good marketing. However, I do feel that it would have been much better marketing to have the samples available once your fans signed up. It almost leaves one feeling tricked. Thanks for your great products!! Keep up the good work!
stephanielclark picture
If 7th Generation doesn't start giving more coupons I'm going to buy another product that does
jato picture
I cannot believe you have fallen so far as to require that members join a social media to receive samples. That is as bad as the goverments tracking everyone and knowing what a person is doing all the time.
thisisfarrah picture
I can see how everyone would be upset about getting a facebook, because I worked as a social media organizer once, but it's actually really good marketing. Not so much that you need one to get free samples, but that they are trying to reach another audience and get them to switch to non-toxic options as well. If the ignorant remain ignorant, we all suffer. To add to your dismay though- I DO have a facebook and they ran out of samples anyways! I got all excited for nothing :(
julian dog picture
julian dog
I agree with all the comments. I'm a faithful user of the product and not a member of any social network so where does that leave me? No Samples. Boo on you!!
maxcat picture
Very poor marketing strategy to require customers to join Facebook in order to receive samples. Makes me want to rethink my loyalty to Seventh Generation. There are other green companies out there with good products who don't resort to such tactics.
Kathy Moss picture
Kathy Moss
Shame, shame 7th Gen., trying to get folks to sign up for social networks to get a sample. I think that's called extortion. Love your products...don't like being used.
SpringClean010 picture
I refuse to get a Facebook account in order to qualify for anything. I am a loyal Seventh Gen user so it's disappointing to have to join some tacky social network site in order to participate. Sorry, that's not happening at any level. It would be smart marketing on your part to include those of us who are into simplifying our lives at all levels.
staceyhess1072 picture
after i had to freaken press like on flippin face book! BULLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lsulliva picture
I agree with all the comments that others have expressed. Is there a way that loyal Seventh Generation users can receive samples (to give to relatives who still use chemical soaps) without having Facebook? I do not wish to sign up for Facebook yet feel that the samples should be available to all.
corgimom picture
Hello there! Like those commenting above, I do not have a facebook account and have no plans to ever get one. I would like to be able to get samples some other way. Have you all thought about those of us who do not use facebook???? Thanks, Carol
crrunch picture
I've been a fan for many years, however, I don't subscribe to any networking sites as stated by all (at this point) whove commented so far. We'd certainly not like to be left out because of this. What solutions do you have for those of us who've chosen not to bare our souls to the entire world? Thanks.
nixdulay picture
it is nice to have you guys in facebook and twitter, but getting coupons or samples to get a coupon? i don't know about that. the moment that i saw that i will get the sample through facebook, i thought what the !@#$%^&*!!!!
davidm69 picture
I agree, as loyal longtime customers of 7thGen, I don't see why receiving a sample requires a Facebook account. Careful 7thGen, you'll end up like Netflix and be shunned.
EcoOne picture
I am like Sumitra in Palo Alto. I canceled my facebook account for a good reason. Why does 7th Gen discriminate against non-facebook users? Thanks brian
abbysaccount picture
I too do not have a facebook account and have no plans to get one anytime in the near future. I would like to be able to get samples though. Thanks, Abby
Sumitra picture
Hello! I have been a Seventh Generation person for over 15 years. I would like to get samples of the different kinds of dish liquid to give out to my friends and caregivers. I do not have a facebook account and do not want to get an account with facebook. Is there any chance of receiving the samples via snail mail? Thanks so much! Sumitra in Palo Alto