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Dialing for Diapers

Author: the Inkslinger

These days, too many of our friends and neighbors have too little. This is especially true where struggling families are concerned. It costs about $11,000 a year to raise a child, but one in four families earn less than that. So we came up with a quick and simple way for all of us to help these moms and dads using nothing more than our cell phones.

It couldn't be more essential, and it couldn't be simpler. Just text the word "BABY" to 52000. When you do, you'll make a one-time donation of $5, which we'll use to help solve one of the biggest yet most underappreciated problems facing impoverished parents: the desperate need for diapers to keep their babies healthier and happier.

Working with Gifts In Kind International, our goal is to raise $10 million dollars for needy families and use it all to give their littlest members a better start in life. We're hopeful that we can make a huge difference in homes all across the country, but it's a big challenge. We're talking an extraordinary two million text messages that must be sent in order for us to have the kind of impact that's needed.

Please take just 10 simple seconds to text "BABY" to 52000 and put a clean diaper on a needy newborn. If you don't have a cell phone, you can donate online. It doesn't matter which method you choose. It only matters that we all come together to change the world one diaper at a time.