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Dharma Dog in the ECOZONE

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Author: the Inkslinger

I’m freshly returned from the holiday break and find a lot of stuff waiting in my in-box. First up: a post from our latest inspiring guest blogger, Dharma Dog, a.k.a. Bruce Weaver. Bruce is a cinematic nomad traveling the world in search of wisdom wherever it’s found and capturing his discoveries on film. Currently in production of an independent feature documentary, Dance with Destiny, he’s a kindred spirit in every sense of every of those words. Here’s what he has to say today…

The wind whipped through both my microphone and bone marrow at something like 50 miles-an-hour north of Taos, New Mexico. July in the Southwest is better known for melanoma-causing sunshine, not bone-chilling wind. Naturally I packed light that time of year, but not without my Panasonic DVX100 which I wear like an appendage, nor the one-pointed focus of a bloodhound for which I am guilty, intent on capturing footage from the permaculture gathering held at the Lama Foundation, former home of Ram Das and birthplace of “Be Here Now,” the gig hosted by its land manager, Rico Zook.

Clearly unequipped for the windy conditions that weekend, as my footage would later reveal, yet despite the wind, the footage would remain faithful to the heart of both the message, and messenger. Rico proved to be a focal point of the story that weekend. A man of rare humility, straight-up earth steward, and indeed kin to my own heart: earth-conscious, and practicing the dharma of voluntarily living simply, while cultivating a recognition of his own intrinsic dignity and the dignity of all others.

Unwittingly, Rico fell into a long-list of meetings with remarkable men, which, as luck would have it, have crossed my path over the course of my lifetime. From The Heart of The World in Columbia, where I had the rare opportunity to meet the elder Mamos of the Kogi, Aracho and Wiwa tribes, then down south in Tennessee where I met Father Thomas Berry, the 91-years-young-elder, and early pioneer of this eco-dharma, or the fortuitous meeting with Dr. John Todd of Ocean Ark International, himself a remarkably earth-conscious man of great dignity. All of these men, and too many more to list, inspire me, and fuel my passion for a life of service to the earth through the visual arts.

Don’t let the word “dharma” fool you. It is not a religious one, really. I favor the translation of the late, great Chogyam Trungpa Rimpche, which according to him it literally means ‘that which creates harmony, that which makes things workable.’ In other words what favors harmony, and dignity. The Dog part, well-like a dog, Dharma Dog Pictures loyally follows his master: a heart longing to steward the earth, and find a harmonious living that is workable, and sustainable for all of humanity.

As luck would have it, Dharma Dog will join (Panasonic in-tow) eco-warrior Rico, as he makes his now annual pilgrimage to India, in collaboration with NGO’s to work with villages from Northern India, South to the infamous eco-village, Auroville. Grateful for the Inspired Protagonists’ support, we welcome your community to join Rico, and Dharma Dog to the ECOZONE, by visiting our travel blog, where regular video, and diary notes will post over the course of the next two-months!