Is Depression the Last Stigma? | Seventh Generation
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Is Depression the Last Stigma?


Many years ago I read William Styron’s “Darkness Visible,” a brilliant and courageous book about Styron’s lifelong struggle with depression. I highly recommend this short but wonderful story. My mother, brother and I all have dealt with the intensely debilitating effects of depression. Last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine story, Darkness Invisible, reminded me of how easy it is to keep discussion of this chronic disease in the closet. Our silence also discourages others from discussing their depression openly. This silence deprives those who have yet to learn how to manage their depression from the advice and experience of those of us who have learned how. This post in not an attempt in any way to provide advice for those who believe they may be experiencing depression and aren’t sure what to do, only a reminder to those of us who know that we have depression to bring it out of the closet so that we’re available to help others.