Day 2 - the vibe from ExpoWest by Sara A. | Seventh Generation
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Day 2 - the vibe from ExpoWest by Sara A.


Day 2 started at 1 am. Eva-Marie was downstairs relaxing after a long day. She heard some folks behind her chatting aay about something at the show they had seen that was so cool, They chatted and chatted, and she tried to figure out what they were talking about. They finished with, “Seventh Generation really gets it - they rock.”

These folks were talking–at 1am at the bar–about our new scents.

While day 1 was slammed, day 2 was a little quieter. Slower start to the day as everyone sleeps in a little after a long night out. The traffic picked up, and the vibe in the booth - all day - was so positive. People who came in perusing really engaged, really respond to the stories we have to tell them, be it about brand, training pants, living home, scents, the booth.

Response from some of the sales folks too is that their meetings have kept that vibe, the talks have been productive, forward-looking. Customers are excited, they’re ready to go. Ready to bring in t-pants, or excited for the flow-through of the scents.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on meetings with two of our Internet customers, and it was perfect that Tabi was there to sit in. Discussions that have been ongoing between customer service and sales about managing the transition came to life. One of the challenges our Internet customers have is timing the online shopping experience with their inventory. In other words, how do they make sure that the shopper gets exactly what they order, and not the new scent or the old scent when the other is displayed? Any ideas?

What else…I haven’t had a chance to walk the show yet, but the little bit I’ve seen has been a bit underwhelming. Haven’t seen anything really innovative, awe-inspiring in terms of product, packaging, design, positioning. Would love to see some comments on what people who have walked the show have seen? That’s a question - what innovation have you seen in the natural products industry in general over the last year? What companies would you identify as strongly branded? Where have you noted design?