Daron Byerly on our (7th Generation's) Manufacturing Partners | Seventh Generation
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Daron Byerly on our (7th Generation's) Manufacturing Partners


Two years ago a host of people at SVG from Quality Assurance to HR to CC got together with Daron to begin the process of developing The Manufacturing Partner Annual Report, a tool that would evaluate our manufacturing partners at many different levels of their operations. The team developed the form and has spent 2007 going to each of our partners to walk them through the process. Now that we have the data and have a benchmark, (know the Present State of each partner) we can begin to plan ways of sharing information for improvement.

This coming year marks the second go-around and presents SVG with an opportunity to update the process based on findings from the first year. This could include sharpening the focus, introduction of the tool when bringing on new Partners, the development of climate goals, and more direct assistance from SVG in achieving these goals. Stay tuned for more to come in 2008. WR