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A Country that Works... Wow, What a Great Idea!

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I got to spend some time during the week hanging out with Andy Stern, the visionary President of the Service Employees International Union, the biggest, fastest-growing union in North America. I have often joked that “unions” are like a bad brand. Either someone needs to reinvent them or they will continue to die. Well Andy Stern is the man.

He thinks systemically about whole solutions that benefit all stakeholders. He knows than unions can’t thrive if they put companies out of business and that redesigning our health care system (we spend twice as much as the UK and we’re half as healthy) is perhaps the most critical change we need to make to ensure we can continue to create an environment that allows America to compete in the global marketplace. Wal-Mart Watch is also his brain child and while controversial, he deserves lots of credit for getting Wal-Mart headed in the right direction. His new book is just out,
A Country that Works – Getting America Back on Track. I can’t wait to read it! In the meantime, I’ve been checking out his blog entries
at the Huffington Post