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Corporate Cleaning Practices Live up to LEED Standards

Author: Seventh Generation

When it comes to getting the job done, Seventh Generation cleaning products have earned their reputation for great results. Our plant-based household care products handle daily cleaning needs without harsh chemicals or synthetic scents. They even take care of most cleaning needs for the offices at Seventh Generation headquarters here in Burlington, VT.


But every now and then, it takes more than a routine spot treatment to clean carpets and floors. Sometimes professional floor cleaning services are required in high traffic areas of our office. In those cases, we make sure to work with vendors who share our values.


And that's when we turn to Maple Leaf Carpet and Tile Cleaning. The locally-owned company was started by Clint West on a part-time basis to supplement his income and support his growing family. It wasn't long before he realized there was a strong demand for a high-quality floor cleaning service that respected human health, comfort, and the environment. Soon he was in business full-time, servicing customers who care deeply about reducing their carbon footprint and maintaining healthy indoor air quality.


Like everything at Seventh Generation, our corporate headquarters reflect a deep respect for the environment. Our LEED Gold Certification represents one of the highest standards of environmental care. So it's no surprise that Maple Leaf uses products that are approved for use in LEED buildings, adhering to LEED's high standards for human health and environmental sustainability.


nellydean picture
Involved in the same business as you, I can understand how important it is keep the usage of harsh chemicals less. So that no harm is done done to the user, the client and the environment. Keeping it Eco-friendly. Cyclone Professional Cleaners
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Steven Garcia
That's an excellent organization you people have. I really love that you are giving high standard environmental support and comport by giving floor cleaning services to the customer.