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Cooking in the Thought Kitchen


Wandering around the blogosphere, one thing becomes clear fairly quickly: There aren’t a whole lot of active blogs out there in the digital ether working to create a movement of change or sustainability or whatever you want to call the one thing that we really need to get moving on. There are a lot of good blogs covering eco-issues and plenty of progressive political blogs, but these are mostly focused on specific subject areas and most often they’re more like a combination newsreel and soapbox than they are about trying to get town meeting going to make a broad range of things happen.

Few and far between are those blogs harnessing all this whiz-bang technology to bring people together, start a conversation about where we go from here, and then use this beginning to build a movement that addresses change in all its forms and on all possible fronts. But the Thought Kitchen is definitely one everyone should check out.

I am loving this new blog. It’s from the inspired protagonists at Nau, a cool outdoor clothing company in Portland, Oregon that’s about doing things just a bit differently, and they’re true kindred spirit in all kinds of ways. Their mission is so aligned with ours here that we had to dig deeper.

So I called Nau and talked to Ian because my curiosity was piqued and I smelled the fresh scent of positive synergy and possibility in the air. And it was so…also check out this recent article that appeared in Advertising Age about