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Convenient Truths: Numbers Never Lie

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Author: the Inkslinger

Our Convenient Truths contest may have ended last month, but as things turn out it’s impact is still going strong, which is great because that was kind of the point of the whole exercise.

I got an e-mail from Jessica at Treehugger with some cool news and numbers. According to the statisticians,

  • There were over 150 videos made
  • 200,000+ people watched some or all of them
  • 15,000 votes were cast
  • There were more than 20 media mentions from Britain’s Globe to Martha Stewart to Slate magazine.
  • We made 15,000 myspace friends
  • Between Treehugger and the Inspired Protagonist, there were 92 contest posts to get people thinking about climate changes

Though she can’t say anything more at the moment, Jessica also reports that there’s some major media interest in spreading the winning videos around even further and airing them on other web sites and even on TV.

That’s very cool news because, again, the reason we created this contest was not just so people could have fun with their video cameras (although that was certainly always part of it) but to spread the word about global warming and show people that they can make a serious difference. The more people who see the videos, the more that message spreads. We can also help propagate the meme by doing a little spreading of our own and taking the videos viral.. When you’ve got a spare second, send an e-mail to your tribe and tell them to take a look and then share whatever they like with whoever they want. How cool would it be if everyone in the country eventually saw these things and realized that preventing climate change is not up to somebody else. It’s up to each of us.

You can point your peeps to the winners of the contest here. Or send them to the contest site to see ‘em all. Let’s keep the wires humming and the actions coming.