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Color Me Speechless

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I just popped in to see how things are going on our new blog. And all I can say is… Wow! I never expected this kind of response. I’m stunned. So many of you taking the time to say such kind things and to wish us well. It’s completely overwhelming. I just want to say that it means a lot to me and to everyone here who’s worked so hard to make bring this thing to life. Thanks for giving me such tremendous hope. You’re all filling me with optimism tonight.

Speaking of which, a person or two asked about the name of our blog, the Inspired Protagonist? I meant to explain this earlier, but it’s been a busy day. We chose this name because it’s a perfect description of the role to which our new blog aspires. It’s true -- we’re not discouraged by current events and present trends. We’re inspired by them, and it’s this inspiration that we want to share. If you ask me, this is our chance to make good things happen. It’s our moment to shine. I also think it’s time to light a few fires under people, to get everyone’s attention and make everyone think a little more about things than they may be used to.

It’s time to instigate and agitate, activate and motivate. It’s time for you and I to lead. That’s why we’ve named our blog the Inspired Protagonist. That’s what we want to do here. That’s what it’s all about.

And judging from the amazing response, the party has already started!