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Cleaning Up the Holiday Season

Author: the Inkslinger

Hold tight to your moorings, the holiday maelstrom is starting to spin. All across the gravy-splattered nation, innocent kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces are about to be sucked into a whirl of dirty dishes, trashed counters, sullied tables, and other moldering remains of seasonal entertaining.

The four saucemen of the kitchen apocalypse are here, bringing an epic mess that will stretch from Thanksgiving to New Years. In my house, there will be no escaping the housekeeping fallout from a string of dinner parties and multi-course family feasts. My inner neatnik can run, but it cannot hide. The best I can do is prepare for the coming storm: My stockings are stuffed with cleaners while visions of 24-hour maid service dance in my head.

It's a strategy of stocking up and girding for battle that has worked before. This year, I started the prep with Seventh Generation's disinfectant sprays and wipes. It's high thyme to say that. (To get this pun, you'll need to follow the link.)

I'm also keeping plenty of Seventh Generation dish liquid on hand. And not just for the dishes either. Mix that magic with some baking soda, and you've got the power of some serious scour to make your all-natural sink shine like a kid's smile on Christmas morn. With this in my arsenal, I mock the grease and grime that thinks it can coat my sink and other surfaces and get away with it. Take that, turkey fat...

Here's another thing: I traditionally start the holiday season with a fresh refrigerator from which all science experiments and year-old mystery casseroles have been removed. We need the space for food that's still, you So our fridge gets gutted, dismantled, and put back together again all clean and fresh. And nothing does that better for me than our Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner. It's my appliance wipe-down of choice.

As for the rest of the kitchen, it's about to get tossed into a culinary turbine. For me, Natural All Purpose Cleaner and 100% Recycled Paper Towels are the cleaning glue that puts it all back together.

So let the holiday housekeeping marathon begin. With a scrub brush in my hand and courage in my heart, I'm ready for whatever the season throws at me.

How do you prepare your home for the holiday season?


Tara Noel picture
Tara Noel
I really like Corey's idea, I might have to try that! I once made my own concoction by seeping a cinnamon stick then adding sugar. It was delicious and helped sooth my throat. Before the holiday season starts, I try to empty our cabinets of all old, stale food (like I did today). Unfortunately, this year the food was too old to donate. I also try to spend most of a week doing some serious organizing and deep cleaning so that when guests come around, or just my friends for the afternoon, I don't have to do much in prep. My list includes dusting, plant watering, organizing of any kind, a full-house vacuum, and lots and lots of donating.
Corey Colwell-Lipson picture
Corey Colwell-Lipson
I love the smell of the holiday season - Christmas trees, gingerbread... So before a holiday party (or "just because") I like to simmer cinnamon sticks on the stove for a while to fill the home with a (safe, all natural) holiday scent.