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Change It 2007 VIDEO!

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Author: Lara Petersen

I know it's only just October, but it seems like ages since I was in DC this summer with Greenpeace and 200 inspired students who were fighting for their beliefs and for this precious earth that we all share.

I had nearly lost the spark that Change It had given me, the hope that I had gleaned from so many positive, passionate people. But then I saw this video, created by our good friend Rob at Black and Blue Productions, and it all came rushing back.

But forget about me! We created the video to share that spark of hope with YOU!

I could blog some more about the amazing experience of witnessing Change It 2007, but the images and voices included here speak for themselves. And what they will tell you is the story of an incredible group of young people who I know in my heart will lead their generation towards true and lasting change.