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Change It

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Author: Lara Petersen

Change It 2006 was finally born on Friday night. And it’s amazing!

After nurturing Jeffrey’s idea for over nine months, with the equal support of our partner Greenpeace, we’ve birthed this wonderful program into the world. And now my role has changed – I've become the Seventh Gen sponge so that I can share the inspiration with you. Below is what I’ve soaked in so far.

Day 1 - 10pm

Back aching, brain reeling,
I walked the campus in the dark towards the train.
Jeffrey, Gregor, and storyteller Rafe Martin in tow.
Soaked in DC mugginess, and praying for a bed,
yet I spun in joyous circles of appreciation
- dancing in anticipation of tomorrow.

Day 2 - Morning.

Images of pain start my day
as our partner asks me to bare witness, a Quaker, to the world.
My sensitive, defensive mind attempts to turn a blind eye,
yet my own eyes protest with glands erupting.
The video ends with hope and inspiration.
I cry for that in turn,
elated with the knowledge, as Jeffrey points out,
that these 100 beings will be our light in the darkness.

Day 2 – Afternoon.

Jump for joy when you have none.
Create celebration for yourself without waiting for the world to offer it up.
And then with caring, curiosity, and compassion
ask who am I leaving out?
Accept every group, every issue, and point of view.
And don’t allow the discomfort of freedom to scare you.

Day 2 – Evening.

Welcome to Sweet River!
(where you can’t get enough of Josh’s dance! - photo to follow!)

More soon,